Ke$ha Does Beach Yoga in retro Granny Panties – Photo Caption Contest.

Via Birdie Greenberg
on Mar 21, 2011
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This week, US Magazine captured pop sensation, Ke$ha, doing a little yoga on the beach in a lovely high-waisted number.

In honor of these lovely photos, we’re having a photo caption contest.  Winner gets tons of respect.  Have at it in the comments below.

editor’s note: pop culture is a small part, but a part of what we do. We love granny panties, they’re old school and retro…and we love to see any leader in any field practicing a little yoga. So for those who think this is a criticism of Ke$ha, please breathe deep and think again. Yoga goes pop may not be groundbreaking, vital news, but it is what it is: fun, stylee, light. ~ ed.


About Birdie Greenberg

Birdie Greenberg has been a struggling yogi since the summer of 2004, when she was stressing herself out studying to pass the bar exam. In an effort to chill her out, her mom dragged her flapping and squawking into her first yoga class. She never looked back. Four years later, she became a Registered Yoga Teacher with Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago. Birdie lives and works in Los Angeles, California. And when she's not yogaing or blogging, you'll probably find her hiking in the mountains with her handsome husband and her two beloved furballs. You can read more about her personal yoga journey at her blog, Yogi, interrupted.


53 Responses to “Ke$ha Does Beach Yoga in retro Granny Panties – Photo Caption Contest.”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    Hmmm. What would a sample caption be, Birdie? Get us going.

    Somehow, the above photos remind me of a nature video, only about human beings…this guy would be great to narrate/caption the above:



  2. Lindsay Jean says:

    I am not digging the implied body snark.

  3. Jennifer says:

    It's a little mean-spirited.

  4. jaime says:

    Poor girl!! Is it really our place to make a mockery of her? None of us know the story behind these photographs. Not only that, but true practitioners of yoga don’t need to have such laughter at the expense of others. This takes away from the true meaning behind what we do and how we vow to live our lives. I’m just slightly troubled by this and can’t help but wonder why we should make fun of someone who happened to have a few not so nice photos published. Do we want to do this in order to feel better about ours? Because I don’t see this as a way to feel better about anything, but rather just another way to bully someone. Sorry! I must have missed the memo in which it said that it is now acceptable for yogis and other practitioners of yoga to make fun of and laugh at others. It’s just another form of bullying. And it’s not something to which we should be privy or savvy!!

  5. Be. Yoga says:

    I agree with the comments above…no place for judgement, only love and acceptance <3

  6. Tee says:

    A photo caption: "How lovely to be outdoors with the sun on my skin, doing yoga on a beautiful beach, then walking with awareness in the ocean. I do hope the paparazzi will leave me alone."

    That's the kind of caption you're looking for, yes?

  7. Tammy says:

    I don't know who Ke$ha is or very much care for her swim suit but I would certainly love to be where she ANY swimsuit!

    Caption – I will be peaceful and present whether they continue to snap their photos or not!

  8. GypsyWarrior says:

    This is juvenile and an embarrassment to the yogic community. Shame on you Birdie, you need to study Ahimsa a great deal more.

  9. Agree with above posts, very disappointed in Elephant Journal for sharing…

  10. Michelle says:

    Fail, Elephant Journal.

  11. GypsyWarrior says:

    The most shameful aspect of this submission is that this is an RYT, mocking someone for bringing yoga into their every day life.

    • Yogini5 says:

      I agree with you. Especially since this qualifies as "home yoga practice". Whatever happened to the days when most RYTs wanted their students to do home practice, and were nearly tearing their hair out if they didn't?

      I know … it had been 18 years between yoga courses I'd taken …

  12. LKindigo says:

    Big Fail, Elephant Journal. I think these photos are beautiful and I love her big bottomed suit. Shame on you, Elephant Journal.

  13. Joe says:

    I gotta agree with everyone above. While I am the furthest thing from a Kes$ha fan – and believe she probably deserves a ton of ridicule just for her supposed pop-persona alone, this should not be the place for it. I'd like to think that one of my favorite sites, Elephant Journal, has higher community standards than TMZ.

  14. Susan says:

    Seriously? Someone needs a slice of humble pie. Epic Fail.

  15. chrissy says:

    “bliss is for everyone”

  16. elephantjournal says:

    Mary Ann Peters I agree with Analiese. EJ needs to get re-focused and membership will rise. They are really all over the place. Extremely disappointing article.

    Candice Garrett
    Please remember that EJ doesn't censure their bloggers and that submissions are at the discernment of their contributors. EJ is not in the habit of "approving" their regular contributors' work prior to publication. Articles do not necessar…ily portray the view of the rest of the people involved with EJ. Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water and bad mouth EJ for one author's point of view. There are many articles on EJ I don't like or don't agree with, but that is the beauty of independent media. That being said, perhaps we will still get a little insight on to what this author's intention was?
    Lori Lee yes, too bad EJ had to post this….

    Susan Ramos Seriously? Epic Fail. Someone needs a slice of humble pie.

    Kelly Simmons
    Its really disheartening to see a woman (I'm assuming Birdie is a woman) judging other women based on their dress or looks. Anorexia, bulimia, breast augmentation, butt augmentation, face lifts, not to mention low self esteem and self hate …are the debilitating and expensive outcomes of this kind of nonsense. I would recommend Birdie mature past the middle school stage of cool versus non-cool, in-group versus out-group and begin loving women of all sizes, in all kinds of dress as compassionately as possible while they practice yoga.
    Aminda R Courtwright I am happy this was posted…so I could see the reaction…seriously heart warmed by people's refusal to get snarky…what a refreshing change!!!! I had to look Ke$ha up…at first I thought I had been misdirected to a britney spears page…and I thought about what that poor girl went through. The commenters are right…it's time for US to be the change we wish to see in the world. My caption would read…
    Yoga — anytime, anyplace…breathe in, peace out
    oh and ps the first thing I actually thought was "Holy crap let me adjust her cobra" :p

    # I'm obviously behind on this…er, conversation, and don't listen to Ke$ha, not a fan…but not sure how this is such a horrible article. It's certainly pop culture, nothing deep or profound, but always nice to see someone famous doing a little yoga, even casually. I think Birdie's article was offered in that spirit. Granny panties are in!

    Seems a little sadly ironic, perhaps, that many of the condemn-ers of Birdie's article are farrr more harsh than Birdie was. As Aminda says, let's practice breathing and ahimsa for all. Respectful disagreement welcome. ~ W.

  17. Jamie says:

    “Finding balance in an out-of-control world”

  18. Marisol Tirelli says:

    "I'm dancing like I'm dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb"

  19. elephantjournal says:

    Candice Garrett real women, real body types, doing yoga. This could have gone a totally different direction….

    Analiese, Would you consider looking at elephant's, say, last 100 yoga articles (if that's your primary area of interest) and then writing up a sort of evaluation of elephant, quality or no, how to improve, and we'll publish and share widely…? It'd be hugely popular and a way to harness your criticism for all of our long-term good as a entertainment and media education vehicle.

    I pour my every day into #elej, and want literally nothing other than for it to reach beyond our choir, and to those who didn't know they gave a care about "the mindful life." I want elephant's growing power to be for the good, god knows our world and society needs a fun, enlightening source of indy media. Big appreciation to you.

    Joktan Rogel
    Lighten up, people. It was a harmless post that asked for captions. The "worst" language was the use of "granny panties," and that's it. How do you people go through life constantly seeking to be offended? Do you enjoy communicating an atti…tude that you are "above" having a sense of humor?

    The funniest part of all of these comments is that I see some of you preaching about compassion, yet you have absolutely no problem going to extremes and threatening to "punish" EJ for making a silly post. Do everyone a favor – get out and breathe. In the grand scheme of things, all of your huffing and puffing over a FB post is not worth it.

    Krista Overly While I'm not a big Ke$ha fan, my teen daughters like her. I love (in these photos) that she's not stick-skinny and enjoying healthy movement in nature. Maybe I'm reading a different blog, but I thought it was more about admiring someone being herself in dress and yoga. Perhaps snark is seen in the article because we're so used to hearing snark about celebrities?

    Stephanie Beitz I agree that many of the comments here are far more judgmental than the original post itself. My understanding is that EJ doesn't censer their bloggers… and isn't that a GOOD thing? What happened to freedom of press and freedom of speech? If you don't want to read a post, don't read it. There are many other posts that will be more up your alley, I'm sure. 🙂

  20. Thanks to all of you for your replies.

    The purpose of what we do here at EJ (and thanks, Waylon, for adding the "read at your own risk" disclaimer at the top), is to offer a wide array of posts on subjects surrounding "the mindful life". Some of those posts are serious, some are sensational, some are just downright silly. The intention of this post was the latter. Same as it was when I posted about Lady Gaga wearing her undies and heels that could qualify as stilts to a Bikram class (which interestingly enough, didn't generate any of the same criticism). Any other intention was the imagination/projection of the commentor.

    (continued below)

  21. Anyway, there's a reason why we post this nonsense. It gets 1,000 hits, 20 comments here and nearly 30 on FB in less than 12 hours. Is it funny? Eh. I mean, not, like, laugh-out-loud funny. Stupid, "absurd" and "juvenile"? Guilty as charged. Is it "shameful"? All I said was "granny panties", so "shameful" is probably being a bit overdramatic. An "Epic Fail"? Not so much. As the hits and comments suggest, readers eat this stuff up. And unless and until the editors of EJ start campaigning for a Pulitzer, we'll probably keep posting pop culture stuff. If it isn't your cup of tea, skip it.

    So, no apologies here. Sorry folks. Thanks to Joktan Rogel, Krista Overly, Stephanie Beitz, and Waylon, for seeing this for what it was and not running with the bulls. And to all the bulls…man, y'all have some sharp horns.

    ~ Birdie

    • elephantjournal says:

      Yah…I'm all for disagreement, but I apologize that we're so out of the habit of being able to respectfully disagree. ~ ed.

    • clive says:

      so, when next year are you releasing the winning caption, given that only a few have been able to provide one?

  22. Lisa says:

    I wish I could give her a few corrections on that upward dog, I never knew that pose could be done in such a slouchy manner. Breathe Ke$sha and lift that chest up to the sky.

  23. yogi says:

    OK Birdie, but I am done reading your posts

  24. elephantjournal says:

    Susan Ramos No one here is "seeking to be offended". The "Granny panties" comment was a thinly veiled insult. Birdies intentions were clear. This post was an obvious attempt to cajole EJ readers into poking fun at a celebrity because that's our national pastime. She's a relatively new practitioner and teacher (less than a decade) who seems to have an immature, limited practice focused on yoga asana. She blew it. She should apologize and we can all move on.

    Jennifer Frye
    ‎@joktan – harmless? Hmmm. I don't know if the "worst" language was what you stated but perhaps more about Birdie's idea of gathering a group of people (via FB) to make fun of someone doing yoga in what they feel comfortable in. I would a…lso argue that no-one who has commented seems to be trying to be "above" anyone else, just calling out something that isn't in line with being a compassionate yoga teacher. Freedom of speech, right? You're right though, enough huffing and puffing over this post. Better to save that for the yoga mat. 😀

    Evelyn Laing Okay now Iam just saying, I think that this retro bikini looks great, I picked one up at Joe Fresh myself it looks great, not everyone is comfortable letting it all hang out,and hell we can do yoga anywhere,any time and in anything, and why do people find the word '"granny" so ofensive, we are all going to be one at some time in our lives and some of my best memories are of my granny, so every one take a deep breath in and slowly exhale, there are a lot more tragic things happening in the world right now!Namasta.

    Joktan Rogel
    ‎@Susan: You say that, but the funny thing is, I didn't feel that I was being baited into being condescending or demeaning at all when I saw the post. We're not on TMZ or Perez Hilton. It's Elephant Journal. I'm not sure how the word "lovel…y" came across as an invitation to be mean. Birdie didn't even say what the tone of the captions should have been! For all intents and purposes, all of you could have just posted something along the lines of "Wheeeeee! I love doing yoga on the beach!" or "Wow! Doesn't my asana look AWESOME in these granny panties?"

    Birdie didn't blow anything and she doesn't have to apologize at all. Personally, I think some people on this thread need to take one long and hard look at themselves and admit that they let their emotions get out of control.

    It's amazing what can happen when a few people misinterpret something and subscribe to the hive mentality. Everyone thinks they're being righteous, but instead they're coming across as a bit foolish and judgmental.

    Susan Ramos ‎"I think some people on this thread need to take one long and hard look at themselves and admit that they let their emotions get out of control… Everyone thinks they're being righteous, but instead they're coming across as a bit foolish and judgmental." Unlike you Joktan. No judgement there, none at all. We have to different interpretations of Birdies post. I'm happy to agree to disagree and be done with it.

  25. Sybil says:

    “ahhhh….yoga…..any time, any place”


    “I am at peace with myself, my body and my actions”

    Keep pushing our place of comfort, Elephant Journal.

  26. Lindsey B. says:

    From a fashion point of view, ‘granny panties’ are actually really hip right now. I love Ke$ha’s suit and want to get a high waisted one myself:

    I’m glad Birdie published this post. This brings humor and accessibility to yoga—which from a non-yogi pov can sometimes be boring. These comments are a little stuffy.

  27. Beth says:

    I think the biggest issue with the post(or at least my issue) is that it’s a picture taken by the Paparazzi and was a total invasion of Keisha’s privacy. I’m all for humor but I’m not for humor at the expense of others and I would venture to say that Keisha wasn’t too pleased they were taking her picture. Mostly when people are at the beach they aren’t wanting their stalkers to be taking pictures of them for publication (in their bathing suits no less). So funny is good but not at the price of others, you have to look to the source of the photos to see where the price is being paid. By reposting it, it allows the Paparazzi to continue to stalk, harass and harm those celebrities we love so much. Let us not propagate such behavior for a couple of laughs. I’m certain bully’s think it’s funny to pick on people, isn’t that how they get their laughs? There’s better ways to drive traffic to a website and get hits and there are definitely better ways to get laughs. With much love for better conscious choices for us all on a daily basis.

  28. Susan says:

    " there's a reason why we post this nonsense. It gets 1,000 hits, 20 comments here and nearly 30 on FB in less than 12 hours. " Thanks for clearing that up.

  29. Brooks Hall says:

    Photo caption: These pictures were mistakenly posted at Elephant Journal.

    Sorry, I don’t agree that it’s okay to post just for clicks or upsetting people to accrue comments. (Of course I’m not trying to pay my bills with money earned on this website, either. And neither is Birdie—as far as I know!?)

    What we say and show here impacts peoples brains: I think we should offer brain food. Humor is good, too.

    This is not funny. It makes me sad to see pictures of personal yoga and beach time that were supposedly shared for our amusement.

  30. PadmaPat says:

    I admit to not knowing much about Ke$ha, but I do like her bathing suit!

  31. Joe Sparks says:

    There is no basis for criticism or blame for any action, no matter how harmful the action. Distressed actions are always caused by distress recordings or misinformation, not evil intent. Therefore, no one deserves blame or to feel bad about him or herself for making a mistake. However, it is our responsibilty to repair any damage caused by our actions.

  32. seriously people – lighten the f**k up!!! did any of you read the disclaimer:

    " for those who think this is a criticism of Ke$ha, please breathe deep and think again. Yoga goes pop may not be groundbreaking, vital news, but it is what it is: fun, stylee, light. ~ ed."

    it's not what i come to elej for, but given the volume of commentary this raises, surely there is somewhere better to expend that energy?

    how about going back to the mat and checking your reaction before stepping into spiritual ego?

    it's a photo! of a woman! on the beach! in an outfit she chose! it's not really much more than that

    i would have gone with 'the stepford money-shot' btw

  33. elephantjournal says:

    I agree with the sentiment, but Ke$ha is not known for being shy, but rather the opposite. One of the photos, not included, is of her giving the "I'm a hipster" sign to the photographer…I have no idea what it means, except, yah I'm having a great time this is awesome.

  34. Terra says:

    Yoga is good anywhere, by anyone, wearing anything….Good job Birdie…Feel the love. I love it. The more yoga we see wherever the better.

  35. Katherine says:

    Caption: Yawn, yeah this rock diva gig is really draining. Everyone takes it so seriously. Maybe I'll quit and start teaching yoga. Those people really seem to have it together…. NOT! lol!

  36. Mathew says:

    Oh, for the Love of…lighten up, people. Caption: "♫ Wake up in the mornin', feelin' like Patanjali… ♫"

  37. Harusami says:

    I first saw Miss Ke 'dollar sign' Ha on SNL and laughed my arse off thinking it must have been a parody. I was surprised to learn that there are people who believe she actually has talent. Was this poor girl raised on "Girls Gone Wild" videos?

  38. Jennifer says:

    I think it might be time for some people to look at why they assumed this was negative? Frankly I didn't get that (and then read all the comments to try to see who had made the "Snarky remarks" that inspired all the comments, just to realize they meant the post itself. I will be honest I myself was personally critical of the image. Which isn't speaking to her as a soul of worth or value (even if she has been sucked in the the negative elements of the Fame Monster). It's just not a good photo, and not a good swim suit choice choice to flatter her body type. A Tankini with a band of color high on the waist would have been a wiser choice to give some definition. The other thing to remember is she chose to be in the public eye. We all know it comes with a price and being under the microscope. I don't like the Paparazzi's tactics either, BUT, we've all frown up in this world, and know the realities of what to expect with "Fame."

  39. Jennifer says:

    And perhaps I should spell check, etc. but it is 5:30Am in writing this, LOL.

  40. Jennifer says:

    Who cares! I agree with everyone at the top of the page, and their comments. Low blow to post something like this, and making fun of someone? I don't care about the ratings, what about true yogi integrity???

  41. jprayne says:

    RYT means diddly squat. They are churned out every month – no guarantees.

  42. KathiK says:

    Ke$ha practiced at my studio 2 days ago and was gracious and sweet. No comment on the updog : )

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