The story of People

Via on Apr 28, 2011

Art cortesy of Lorraine Ayre

People, we are something wild
An animal basic in instincts
maybe we’re doomed, maybe we’re blessed
by reason expressed as the intellect

Here we come to observe
mirrors we are to all others
studying the still mind within
is worthwhile the effort of knowing

People get agitated
demons confusing alive
in seeing things as they are
love and compassion arises

People serve people blind fate
or people serve people in giving
some people glow as they serve
some crave to be best as they’re serving

Competition feeds envy at the end
jealousy,  anger and hatred
animosity is negative waves
all madness arising and passing

Impermanence in all that it is
sensations passing after arising
happiness is bound to become
in awareness and equanimous timing

Modesty is most precious tool
the way of the heart into harmony
simplicity and clarity sooth
judgment only does harming

People don’t like to be told what to do
People don’t like to be exposed in their weakness
Everybody wants to be first
No one learns in somebody else
but the story is still worth understanding

The ultimate truth is the law
a natural law for the people
no matter who is the people you are
change is the only sure thing that will find you



About Yesica Pineda

My name is Yésica Pineda-Moreno, though some people call me Yeye. I was born and raised in Mexico City. My mom and dad are wonderful people who raised me to believe that loving-kindness, peace of body, mind and soul ~ real happiness ~ are the only worthwhile goals in life, the rest is just history. At the age of 20, I was chosen a Mexican Musical Talent (Valores Juveniles = American Idol) between thousands of young people in the country. Such opportunity gave me the chance to travel to The United States and meet incredible famous people from whom I've learned plenty about the hard work involved in the public life and the challenges it represents to our spiritual growth. I recorded my solo album with 10 time’s Grammy winner engineer Rafa Sardina, and the talented songwriter Rafa Esparza-Ruiz. You can find it in any digital store by searching "Yeye Organic Pop". When I thought there was nothing else to be achieved, I found Yoga, or Yoga found me. In 2000, I started training with Bryan Kest and educated myself in his school of Power Yoga, which eventually led me to the practice of Vipassana meditation with teacher S.N.Goenka, training which I consider my foundation. For more information about my Yoga Practice visit My current music project is called Planetary Moods ~ Pop Sanskrit and the exploration of different frequencies resonance. You can hear my music on on myspace Listen at our website Planetary Moods.


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One Response to “The story of People”

  1. magdalena says:

    Beautiful! "Judgment only does harming….." was a touchdown for me. I think we, as social human beings, judge ourselves the most (the inner critic that barely ever sleeps); this is where the deepest wound lays. Working on cultivating inner kindness and compassion towards oneself eliminates fear which arises first every time that we are tempted to judge another. I'm speaking from personal experience here…. May we all dwell in infinite love and compassion! :)

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