Because City People matter more than Tribal People?!

Via on May 31, 2011

Please spread the word fast—last-ditch effort to collect signatures, make noise.

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Heartbreaking Photo of the Day—Plus how to take action.

Click over the The Daily What for a succinct summary of what’s going on here and to take action:

> Etcetera:

[A] death sentence [for] the peoples of Great Bend of the Xingu river [has been] enacted. Belo Monte will inundate at least 400,000 hectares of forest, an area bigger than the Panama Canal, thus expelling 40,000 indigenous and local populations and destroying habitat valuable for many species – all to produce electricity at a high social, economic and environmental cost, which could easily be generated with greater investments in energy efficiency.

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15 Responses to “Because City People matter more than Tribal People?!”

  1. I live in Panama and it is huge, This is heartbreaking…:(

  2. christoph says:

    if you would look at the size of the area you would see that this 550 km 2 are nothing in an area if 5,2 Million km 2. Second in this area where living originally 500 Indians..because of foreign influence today ppl moved their to get money out of it. And yes it is for electricity and Brasil needs it as we have +200 Million ppl mainly in the North and North east region. 400000 Indians have a total area (the BEST) of 1,1 Million as reservations… and now look at your Indians help them or should brasilians come over to your country and tell You what to do?

  3. I'm crushed. And going on a campaign today to try to spread this petition through FB and Twitter.
    It is hard to know if there is actually a chance that this could be overturned. Living in Brazil
    makes one question political advocacy, if there is any efficacy in it at all. I believe if Dilma came
    under worldwide criticism, that could make a difference.

  4. raju says:

    Sad…………..very, very sad

  5. Robert Hii says:

    The people need to stand up! Block the way! Anything! Putting profits before people is so wrong and yet its happening all over the world with indigenous peoples being shafted in the name of progress and civilisation.

  6. Alex P says:

    According to Avaaz, the project has been put on hold due to outpouring of international protest.–natural-world

  7. Jean Seymour says:

    The greed in this country is running wild and needs to be stopped…..we need to protest like those middle east countries….
    Get rid of these idiots that want to take what does not belong to them just so they can make money….this country makes me sick it is so out of control with the money (people?) (government?)

  8. Diane says:

    Those tears and the visible heartbreak in his body are hard to take. Thanks for bringing this to light.

  9. Amy says:

    I went to the link for signing the petition but it says the petition is no longer active. Do you know what the scoop is on that?

  10. Eugene Dean says:

    What feasible action can be taken here? How can we provide support?

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