Top 10 Myths About what the Requirements are to be a Competent Yoga Teacher These Days.

Via on May 23, 2011


10 Myths about what the Requirements are to be a competent Yoga Teacher:

10.  That you must be super flexible

9.  That you must be skinny

8.  That you have to be “new agey” looking or at least act “new agey”

7.  That you must be good looking


6.  That you must be registered with yoga alliance (not exactly sure who and what they are for)

5.  That you must wear lululemon with your behind looking good in it

4.  That you sport a halo

3.  That you eat blue green algae and drink kombucha

2.  That you can speak sanskrit fluently and you have studied in India

1.  You’ve been to Bali

I only have images of lovely Tulum (which almost made the top 10 as well)


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  1. I agree. It helps to have a few of those if you want to be consistently employed. But, finding a path to teaching yoga that takes an alternate route has worked just fine for me and many teachers I know.

  2. What? I'm shocked! You suit yourself, but I'm going to continue to demand all these things from my Yoga teachers.

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  3. Pamela says:

    I fail on all counts. ha ha

  4. Very shallow. Where is there depth in any of this?

  5. yogitastic says:

    But wait… I actually do sport a halo! 😉

  6. Whitney says:

    The Yoga Alliance is the organization that lists Yoga schools, etc for training purposes, so you dont get fooled by an imposter and robbed of all your $$. Its kind of important.

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  8. Just posted to "Popular Lately" on the Elephant Yoga homepage.

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