7 Signs That You Are a Realized Yogi. {Turns Out I Am Not}

Via Claudia Azula Altucher
on Jun 5, 2011
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What would happen if suddenly all of us became advanced yogis? (hence the seven consequences below). I asked Ramaswami.

What would happen to: goal-setting, achieving, innovation, moving along, washing dishes, changing diapers, healing the sick? What then? What if we all sat contemplating and totally detached, not disturbed by anything. Not wanting anything?

Highly unlikely, he said.

As one progresses in the path of yoga, insights dawn on the practitioners and her or his discriminative knowledge increases.  In Sutra 2.27 it says that “seven kinds of ultimate insight come to one who has attained a high level of discrimination“.

These are the seven signs, as discussed in the class where I posed the question:

1)  The desire to know is no longer present for this yogi, because she is able to see the true nature of everything

2) The desire to do is no longer there

3) The desire to achieve things, even heaven is no longer present for him

4) The desire to get rid of something, anything, goes away

5) Because of 1-4 the mind is no longer distracted

6) There is no fear whatsoever

7) The yogi is never depressed

But of course, these are pretty advanced states of yoga.  I am not nearly there, so perhaps I should carry on and make dinner.

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About Claudia Azula Altucher

Claudia Azula Altucher has studied yoga for a long time. Her only focus these past eight years has been on Ashtanga through which she studied at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India (three study visits so far), and at Centered Yoga in Thailand (focus on practice, philosophy and pranayama). Currently she studies at Pure Yoga in NYC. She has taught yoga classes in both Spanish and English. She is also the Author of: 21 Things To Know Before Starting an Ashtanga Yoga Practice (you can get a free PDF at her blog). She writes daily at ClaudiaYoga.com And you can follow her on Twitter: www.twitter.com/ClaudiaYoga


35 Responses to “7 Signs That You Are a Realized Yogi. {Turns Out I Am Not}”

  1. Hi, Claudia. I know this is a quick little blog, designed to generate discussion, hopefully, so I don't want to get too serious about it. And I write this more for newcomers to Yoga than for you, since I know you know this already.

    To me these are not the true goals of Yoga in the least. In fact they are a serious distortion of Yoga.

    The Yoga world has always been divided between "Ascetics" and "Householders". You list might be right for the most extreme ascetic. But we are all householders, with regular lives in addition to our Yoga.

    After all, the whole point of the Bhagavad Gita is that the hero needs to go fight the war (for us this is to go live our lives), not to escape into the woods and meditate himself into blissful oblivion.

    And it's impossible to fight a war or live a life without desire, goals, feelings, getting things done, etc.

    The goal for a householder is to be able to observe all these things with detachment, not to eliminate them. I ironically, this allows us to live our lives with far greater passion and energy and involvement, not less!

    I'm guessing you will instantly agree. It may even be what you meant.

    Just posted to "Featured Today" on the Elephant Yoga homepage.

  2. Satya says:

    We can still be engaged in activities, yet are no longer identified as the doer. Life is just happening – sitting, cooking, etc. is all the same, happening in consciousness. In that, we can go about our lives, knowing that everything is taking place from source and we are out of the way. Life is living us.

  3. tanya lee markul says:

    I love the debate!

    I really appreciate Bob's point of view and I have encountered this stance many times (especially with my boyfriend and it's always a great debate), but I didn't interpret these 7 signs in so much the same way. I see 1-4 as a means of being able to live 'presently' versus in the future. I think often times when we 'desire' something (to know, get rid, achieve, to do), we put ourselves into the future. When we stop having these desires, we just 'are' in a sense.

    I like the feeling this article gave me – I feel the 7 signs all point to the center. :-)

    Thank you Claudia!

  4. Additionally, the amount of external stimuli that comes in the form of technology, pollution, and superficiality were much less prevalent. I think we can agree that in today's world, with technological globalization, a modification of these ideals, for some of us, might be in order. Having said all of that, let's contextualize each statement that Claudia posted into a then and now scenario, as relates to the "advanced yogi", which, of course, will significantly alter the meanings of each statement. In some cases, the meaning will be entirely changed into my VERY subjective, opinionated interpretation, which of course, leaves a plethora of avenues for me to be incorrect. Please note that all of this is being done for the sake of provoking thought and enjoyment, and none of this is intended to offend, as I don't consider myself enlightened enough to ACTUALLY know what I'm talking about ;):

  5. Claudia says:

    Nicely put nandop :-)

  6. Woah this blog is wonderful i like reading your articles. Keep up the great work! You understand, lots of persons are searching around for this information, you could help them greatly.

  7. NIRMAL says:

    step no. 7, I neither disagree or agree with it, life, existence seems to be meaningful one moment as if you are the centre of the universe, next thing meaningless as it throws you in a garbage dump, even to a realised soul. There is a purpose behind every thing and every action and interaction and there is non, if you can penetrate consciousness you can know this. life is extraordinary and ordinary at the same time depends in what state of mind you are in. It treats you the same way as any ordinary mind, that's how the (maya) feminine nature of the (brahma) spirit is. In its game there is no real purpose to life yet everything is purposeful, Whether you are involved in good karma or bad karma according to your perception, they are two sides of the same coin, you are just part of this universal play. When, if, you able to realise, and is able to reach there, you realise spirit is looking after spirit, spirit is also abusing the spirit. that's how it is. It looks and seems very strange and not.

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