“It’s none of your business.”

Via Waylon Lewis
on Jun 25, 2011
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Is it public business when public servants send their children to private or public schools?

Someone just shared this commercial with me under the headline “Would you want this for your governor?”

I’m not sure how I feel about the “none of your business” part—I’m inclined to agree, generally, that it’s a private (no pun intended) choice what one does with and for one’s children. That said, it’s a hypocritical choice, seemingly, for a public official to cut school funding, then decide that public schools aren’t good enough for his children.

So, fundamentally, I guess the question is:

Is equal access to quality education a fundamental right?

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8 Responses to ““It’s none of your business.””

  1. wbtphdjd says:

    He's such a pig.

  2. I disagree with you Waylon. When a publicly elected official is in the business of stealing from public education, and sending his own children to private school, damned right it's our business.

    And for him to talk that way to lady shows he is lowlife scum.

  3. Public servant elected by the people? Everything you do publicly is the people's business. Although, using Christie's logic, I guess Anthony Weiner could have said the same thing when caught Tweeting pictures of himself. It would have made about as much sense.

  4. spike says:

    It is hypocritical. I am not sure that is the issue as much as the fact that it is in no way out of the ordinary for public officials to do things like this. Three words: FOLLOW THE MONEY

  5. sordog1 says:

    Christie's answer was not respectful although he said "with all due respect." Apparently he thought she was due no respect. I believe that a good public education is a basic right. Regardless of whether people agree on that one or not, it is in the public interest to have an educational system that helps our children become employable. There are many people now who want to undermine the public school system and Christie may be part of that group. Vouchers, charter schools, parental choice and other initiatives by conservatives threaten to resegregate or even eliminate our public school system. There has never been a time in this country when the middle was so far to the right. Christie belongs on Fox Radio or on the Sara Palin bus tour rather than governing a state.

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