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About Hari Bhajan Khalsa

Hari Bhajan Kaur Khalsa: I found my way to Kundalini Yoga and my path at age 21 and never looked back. My many careers and passions have included (but are not limited to): yoga, business management, improv theater, life coaching, world travel, dressage, mediation, writing poetry, blogging and currently holding the space of Mint Momma & C.E.O. (Chief Enlightenment Officer) of I live most of the time in Los Angeles and do my best to get up north to the little mountain town of Sisters, Oregon when it get too noisy in the city. I love those “light bulb” moments that make being human an adventure, an ever evolving journey and am grateful every day for all blessings--in whatever size or shape--that flutter, barrel and glide into my life. Sat Nam & Namaste.


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