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Via on Oct 13, 2011

thailand09deepsouth 563

About Kimberly Johnson

Kimberly Johnson helps women find their way back to themselves after giving birth. She herself was rearranged by childbirth in almost every way, so she loves sparing women the unnecessary surprises of the post-partum period. She teaches throughout Brazil, the US, and Europe about what yoga has to do with womanhood and how to care for women post-partum. In 2011, she released a CD of mantra Saudades da India.. She believes all women are "magas," which is Portuguese for sorceress, as we must be alchemists to balance our roles as creators, producers, lovers, and mothers, and just launched her project Magamama for creative embodied women to get real information about life after giving birth. This summer she will lead a Teacher's Intensive and Retreat in New York City and the Catskills .


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