Don’t Let Will Die!

Via on Nov 17, 2011

Only four days to go for the I AM. Kickstarter campaign!











“With five days left to fund raise, I’m getting on this treadmill and I’m not getting off until the I AM. Kickstarter campaign is funded. Period.”

~ Will Baxter

Here at elephant journal we  featured a post on  I AM. when their Kickstarter campaign first launched. I remember reading it and thinking how easily they would be able to reach their goals given the relative affluence and generosity of the yoga community, both in the US and internationally.

Yet with only four days to go, they are only 41% funded. If you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, what this means is that if they do not reach $45,000 by November 22nd, their project will not be funded. Kickstarter allows for donations as small as one dollar. Just think how many times this week you have spent one dollar, five dollars, ten dollars on something trivial. Your small donation could make a huge difference here. The latest updates are available at Don’t Let Will Die!

Let’s get this done!

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5 Responses to “Don’t Let Will Die!”

  1. […] ask anyone reading this who might be inspired to help to instead go here and help or at least share up. […]

  2. Silveramethyst says:

    store in a container with dry rice, for a couple of days hopefully the rice will absorb all of the moisture. x

  3. indiraganesan says:

    Place on its side like a book, with the powed cord slot etc on top–liquid might leak out. It might take three days. I'm so sorry this happened–

  4. wildsparrow says:

    A computer tech told me he poured hot water on it, took out the battery and turned the laptop on its side. When it dried out it was fine.

    I wasn't that brave when it happened to me, so I just turned it upside down until it stopped dripping and then cleaned it with a soft cloth and Q-tips. I had to buy a keyboard (from Canada) and install it myself but otherwise the thing worked fine.

  5. pam says:

    Yes, to the person who said store in a container with dry rice! Take it apart (anything that comes apart, never had one:but works for drenched cellphones) bury all pieces in dry white rice, for 3 days. On the third day:shake all rice out of it. Put back together. If anything will fix:this will. Absorbs water. Works on drenched cellphones!

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