A dream of a Bodhisattva.

Via on Dec 13, 2011
Photo: Erich Ferdinand

When you realize how society is working, you get into a stupor. Wherever you look, you cannot find a natural straw to clutch for.

You scream, “I don’t want your fake TV”.

You scream, “I don’t want your mechanical food”.

You scream, “I don’t want your insincere smile”.

You whisper, “I don’t want your defective entertainment”.

You whisper, “Just give me the world as is, I’ll figure it out!”

And they, the amorphous pronoun, they think that you are having a bad day.

Living in today’s world feels like somebody else’s acid trip, except at times it’s unbearably beautiful.

Oh, it is good. It is very, very good. But once you realize how society is working, you wonder, whether you want to participate. You get into a stupor. Wherever you look, you cannot find a natural straw to clutch for.

When you know, how do you go back to business as usual? How do you smile, how do you maintain conversations about zombies?

When you recognize broken language everywhere people use language, and see millions of lips moving in sync, repeating gibberish, do you scream at the top of you lungs and wake up, or do you jump in and try to heal?


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About Tessa

Tessa is a classically trained singer and pianist compared to David Bowie, Tom Waits and Kate Bush who spent a month in jail as an alleged Russian spy. You can listen to her music and read her blog at TessaMakesLove.com. She can also be reached on Twitter or Facebook. In the past, Tessa majored in Tibetan studies and did a field research in Tibetan ethnomusicology. She still loves everything Tibetan—except salted tea with butter.


3 Responses to “A dream of a Bodhisattva.”

  1. erica says:

    exactly how i feel!!!

  2. Tessa says:

    Thank you Erica!

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