December 4 – reverb11 – Guru (Teacher)

Via on Dec 4, 2011
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What was the most important lesson you learned about yourself in 2011? Was it a sudden epiphany or a gradual realization?

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Michelle Margaret Fajkus is a free spirit and an open book. She is founder of Yoga Freedom, co-creator of EnlightenEd and retreat coordinator for Villa Sumaya. Michelle learned yoga from a book at age 12, found zen in California at 23 and moved to Guatemala at 29. She enjoys unplanned days, hiking, poetry, leading yoga retreats, devouring books, improvisational vegetarian cooking and gazing at the lake, trees and sky from her balcony. She lives at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala with her soul mates. Connect with Michelle via Google+ or Facebook.


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  1. Valerie Carruthers Valerie Carruthers says:

    It's been a little of both. A few months ago while studying some of Krishnamacharya's teachings, I had an epiphany that took me to another place as a student and as a teacher. The experience continues to evolve and it may take some time to formulate completely but for now I'll say it's deeply related to a sense of truly connecting to the Teacher within.

    • Michelle Margaret Fajkus yoga freedom says:

      Interesting, Valerie. Connecting to the Teacher within is always a blessing. Your comment reminds me of how I was deeply (gradually) affected by the teachings of Krishnamurti, another great Indian philosopher. Thanks for reverbing!

  2. Yikes! I am now 2 days behind in my Reverbing! Will try & catch up:

    My most important lesson this year has been that I am stronger than I realized. It was a gradual thing, but then there was definitely an epiphany moment somewhere between "I can't do this" and "Hell yeah, I can do this! Just watch me!"

  3. Craig Holliday craigholliday says:

    That there is such a freedom within, that this freedom is always here, and that my mind is dualistic, divisive and cuts the world into pieces. and that freedom comes from giving ourselves to hugeness within.

  4. Michelle Margaret Fajkus yoga freedom says:

    I had to ponder on this one. I learned nothing and everything. I realized, above all, that I have faith in not knowing. I take refuge in doubt. I live in questions. I till the soil of fertile confusion. I explore paradox. I trust the sun and the moon and my breath and my heart. My gut is my guru. This moment is a wonderful moment. And life is beautiful.

  5. Loren says:

    The most important lesson for me was that I CAN forgive. For so long I have understood forgiveness, I have wanted to feel it in my heart, but it just never made that journey down from my head and in to my heart. This year it happened and old wounds I had all but given up on have begun to heal. Its a cliche, but true, time does heal, it just takes some of us a lot longer than others. Forgiveness is a kind of release, it allows those old holding patterns to let go and for new energy to fill those spaces, I am not sorry it took so long, everything happens when it is supposed to.

  6. Tanya Lee Markul Tanya Lee Markul says:

    GREAT question!

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  7. Michelle Margaret Fajkus yoga freedom says:

    Thanks for reverbing, Lynn! Great lessons. Writing is so therapeutic and cathartic, I agree!

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