December 7 – reverb11 – Tranquilo (Calm)

Via on Dec 7, 2011

Sometimes the most beautiful, memorable moments are also the quietest. What quiet, beautiful moment do you recall?

(Special thanks to Jeffrey Davis of Tracking Wonder for providing today’s question.)

Reverb is a month-long endeavor in reflecting on the past year and envisioning the year to come. Find out more about Reverb11. Check out the daily prompts and feel free to write publicly on this blog or privately in your diary, as much or as little as you want, as often or seldom as you are compelled to.

“Live simply and take life more easily. Happiness lies in giving yourself time to think and to introspect. Be alone once in a while, and remain more in silence.” ~Yogananda

About Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Michelle Margaret Fajkus is a free spirit and an open book. She is a good teacher, writer and friend, as well as CEO of Yoga Freedom and co-creator of EnlightenEd. Michelle learned yoga from a book at age 12, found zen in California at 23 and moved to Guatemala at 29. Now a thirtysomething, she lives at Lake Atitlan with her life partner, daughter and black cat. Connect with her via Google+ or Facebook.


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9 Responses to “December 7 – reverb11 – Tranquilo (Calm)”

  1. Michelle Margaret Fajkus yoga freedom says:

    Thanks for the inspiring reverberations, y'all! The first week has been fantastic so far.
    Namaste, Michelle :)
    I’m a lucky girl; my most quiet, beautiful moment this year lasted a whole week! I spent the first eight days of August at a Shambala Buddhist meditation center in Rosendale, New York. It’s two hours from Manhattan, in the Hudson River Valley. I was there completing an immersion course as part of the Yoga as Muse Facilitator Training. The most quiet, beautiful moments of that amazing week of creativity, learning, practicing and growing came during my daily walks in the woods each morning. The green canopy surrounding me, I pranced down the path, listening to Death Cab for Cutie on my iPod some days, listening to the sounds of nature other days. I absorbed the woods. Nothing like quiet tranquility surrounded by natural beauty. It was such a wonderful week. (p.s. for more details on the training, see

  2. Dina López says:

    A nice chi latte tea in hand, watching trough the frizzed windows to the street, while my 4 years grandson sleeps in my lap this morning. pure joy!!!

  3. Tanya Lee Markul Tanya Lee Markul says:

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  4. Michele L says:

    Outside, near a small waterfall, I was praying for my Mom's passing. As I prayed for her comfort and transition, I came to realize that I was no longer prayer for her, but with her. She passed hours later.

  5. Valerie Carruthers Valerie Carruthers says:

    Two of my dearest friends are a married couple who are great meditators. They live on their organic farm and are dedicated to a practice of "solitude, simplicity and silence." Recently they invited me for a meal with a 20 minute meditation period beforehand. They are living proof that regular meditation (supported by eating organically) builds a palpable and radiant energy. As soon as we all sat on our cushions that energy or Shakti, pulled me into a deep state of centered awareness which took in the land around us, the animal sounds from farms nearby and the softness of the air.
    My mind settled, emptied of extraneous thought, I was drawn into a pure spaciousness, all boundaries dissolved.

    When it came time to eat, the simply prepared and totally nourishing meal could not have tasted more divine.

  6. Loren says:

    I was on a stressful trip to visit family and I went to the local park where there was a patch of native forest. I went and sat there for some time. Slowly my stress drained away and I was left listening to the birds and the small scratchings of bugs, it was a beautiful moment of calm in an otherwise stormy time.

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