Update: House cancels vote on SOPA (Internet censorship bill), adjourns for the year. Join the petition & keep up pressure so we can kill this bill next year.

Via on Dec 15, 2011


VICTORY! Because of immense public pressure, the House Judiciary Committee cancelled their vote on the bill that would kill Internet innovation and free speech — and adjourned for the rest of the year! Sign the Petition.

“Kill SOPA, save America’s Internet and American jobs: Act Now, bill goes to the House Tomorrow.”

^ That’s the headline on Reddit, on BoingBoing, on dozens if not hundreds and thousands of web sites.

Will the internet continue to be a limitless land of free speech?

Click here to call. Click here to write an insta-letter to your Rep.

“Tomorrow, the US government will vote to have broad powers to block any site. SOPA would not only hurt free speech, it will choke off the internet workforce and its readers by taking down entire websites. Today is the only day we have left to have our voices heard. It’s time to pull all stops – please make a call right now to protest censorship. Your call matters. If you don’t call, SOPA will pass. If there is one call per minute into every one of our representatives, we have a chance of stalling SOPA enough so it dies for quite some time. Please call Congress now and tell them you oppose internet censorship and stifling the internet. If you own a site, you’re in the best position to spread the word. Please post this call widget. If we’re really going to stop SOPA, we need you to get involved. If you write emails or have a blog, or if you post to Facebook, twitter, tumblr, tell everyone by blacking out your text here. It’s super easy. SOPA kills jobs that we need right now and blocks sites to Americans for the purpose of serving copyright in vague and overbroad ways, in ways that are not even well-agreed on by academics in the field. Please help us stop SOPA now.” ~ American Censorship


Via Reddit:

List of representatives on the House Judiciary Committee

If one of them is your Rep, then call. Really it takes like two minutes and it does make a pretty big difference.

Via Reddit:

For you lazy asses: http://fightforthefuture.org/pipa/

A few clicks and it emails your reps for you.

No excuses… do it.

Choice Reddit comment: “But seriously, the REAL reason they are doing this is to get Rebecca Black off the interwebs for real this time.”


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