I can count the number of presents I’ve mailed over the past five years on two hands.

on Dec 13, 2011
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I’m good at buying and/or making special, personal presents. Books, pottery…something that will mean something to my loved ones. Recently, I bought my mom a beautiful super-soft hat and warm house socks from a friend who has an amazing story.

But what I’m not good at is wrapping them, finding a package, going to the post office, addressing the package and taping it up, mailing it. I know for some of you that all sounds easy…but for me, I mess it up every time. Not one of my skills.

But…I sent my mom some silly Christmasy magnets today with a photo of her son smooching her. I know she’ll love them…and they’ll be on her fridge forever.

And I did it all from Alfalfa’s, my neighborhood grocery, where I was working on my laptop with elephant’s Natalie, who was training our new interns from the University of Colorado. I did it all sitting in my chair, drinking coffee, including taking the photos. I did it with my phone.


Check these three apps if you like the in-app photo product ordering idea. A few of these apps have a Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal  for the next few weeks and they ship globally. Best comment of the week, below, gets my Free Magnet set coupon.

1. Faces iMake- This app is approaching a million downloads and was featured on the cover of Washington Post Kids. It’s like Mr. Potato Head on the iPad and a user can order a Puzzle directly from the app


2. My Xmas Cards- Is just as it sounds and is the absolute easiest way to order custom Holiday Cards.

3- ilove Photos-  Is a cute way to add some romance to a photo and from this app a user can order cards, magnets or puzzles.


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7 Responses to “I can count the number of presents I’ve mailed over the past five years on two hands.”

  1. I love it! I was actually just at the post office & it was insanity! Smart move…may have to make some of these for family that are far away.

  2. I have the exact same problem. Every year I embark on an extravagant creative project for Christmas. This year, I am making custom tisanes, packaging them creatively, and wrapping them all cute. I stayed up until way past midnight last night enthralled by this project. But getting to the post office is a whole nother matter. Why is it so hard? I can't ever seem to get it together.

  3. dave says:

    No post office visit needed

  4. Isabel Agreda S. says:

    This super offer works for each corner of the planet. Great! I knew this world was not that broad and alien!

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  6. Evelyn Seefeld says:

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