The 12 Most Viewed Yoga Blogs of 2011.

Via on Dec 31, 2011


Sing Out, Clara. By Marylee Fairbanks

17,000+ views



Rockstar / Yoga fanman Adam Levine of Maroon 5 gets sexy for prostate & testicular cancer prevention. By Waylon Lewis

65,000+ views



The video every yogi needs to see! By Tobye Hillier

43,000+ views



What does a yoga body look like? {Adult} By Chelsea Roff

10,000+ views



The Yoga of Tantric Love: 7 Reasons why it’s not just about Sex. By Ramesh Bjonnes

6,000+ views



Why Lying Broken in a Pile on Your Bedroom Floor is a Good Idea. By Julie (JC) Peters

34,000+ views



Yoga Makes Sex Better! 5 Top Reasons to Practice and Teach. By Julian Walker

9,000+ views



20 Tips for your First Bikram Yoga Class. By Alison O’Connor

16,000+ views



Dancing without Fear. By Tania Kazi

4,000+ views



Playboy Yoga & Bud Light. {Videos} By Jennifer Cusano

2,000+ views



A Letter to the Yoga Community about The “Anusara Situation.” By Amy Ippoliti

12,000+ views



The Real Body Project: Expose the Truth. By Hannah Siegle

10,000+ views

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