Crazy Amazing Beautiful.

Via on Jan 17, 2012

…is what we creatures are capable of:

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I love handstands, motorcycles, smells, safety pins, bicycles, music, moss, languages, books, trees, beets, mud, dancing, diagrams, sewing, teaching, surprises, shaking, yard sales, anatomy, India, instruments, sleeping outside, wisdom, nonsense, sprouts, spoons, seeds, cats, insects, fears, rocks, giving, essential oils, foods that vibrate, photos, Ocean, laughing, naps, spinach, crying, sewing machine parts, singing, Love, wrinkles, long walks, good talks, all creatures, trees, apples, raspberries, learning, breathing....being...



4 Responses to “Crazy Amazing Beautiful.”

  1. Kelly says:

    What a great find! It is amazing what we are capable of.

  2. Eric says:

    …shite. in my next life, I'll have a body that flexible~I got hosed this time around :)
    Meghan! are you still in India?!?!??

  3. jwoods says:

    im extra impressed he did all that in jeans
    think i need to get me a pair of those

  4. Ozz says:

    Uber-inspiring…it feels like someone just sprinkled glitter all over my day…wonder, joy, awe…

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