Just Say No to “Traditional Marriage.”

Via on Jan 24, 2012
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“A family that lays and slays together–stays together!”

{NSFW language in video}

Ah, “traditional” marriage. I don’t know about you, but hate is not an acceptable tradition in my family. I know and love  many Christians who live lives of love, service, and compassion–not the Betty Bowers variety. Everything I’ve ever read about Jesus leads me to believe he’d be the kind of guy to be in favor of more love–for everyone. I’m guessing his response to the issue of marriage equality would be more like this:

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4 Responses to “Just Say No to “Traditional Marriage.””

  1. Wow, she has a real chip on her shoulder :)

    I guess she was meant to be funny, but it came off as really…not.

    2nd vid is disabled by YouTube…CENSORED!!!!!

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