Quote of the Day: Melting the Ego.

Via on Jan 26, 2012

“The ego is just frozen love, and when we can let go of our need to centralize; when we can just dissolve ourselves into this process of being a conduit for the love of the Earth – which is who we are – it’s melted and turns into this unconditioned, unbounded love for everything. So be a bright light. Be a fire – a beacon of love that is radiating out in all directions.”  ~ Reggie Ray of the Dharma Ocean Foundation


Click here to read Busy-ness is Laziness by Dr. Reggie Ray. One of my all-time favorites on elephant journal.



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3 Responses to “Quote of the Day: Melting the Ego.”

  1. Karl Saliter Karl Saliter says:

    Beautiful. Thank you. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around pathways to being exactly that today.

    Love on wheels.

    Between this and Ginsberg’s Sunflower Sutra, I’m well on my way.

  2. Karl Saliter Karl Saliter says:

    To wrapping my head around pathways, that is.

  3. […] from the point of view of the buddhadharma, surrendering the fiction of ego, allowing the “self” to lose ground, is the purpose of practice. From the dharmic view the ego […]

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