Ancient Chinese “Secrets” to Supercharge our Sex Life.

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You can be the sexiest, most sexually-charged person imaginable by practicing this simple Chinese energy exercise.

These closely guarded secrets can increase your sexual energy, and work for men and women. They take less time and effort than picking up Chinese food (!), and they are more nourishing. While they don’t come with a fortune cookie, they will make you one very fortunate cookie.

If profound sex isn’t enough, your newfound energy will inspire you to work and play more fully. It will light your fire, warm your cockles and make you irresistible to the ancient gods of pleasure. Your body will be stronger, as will your mind. You will be a peaceful warrior of the best kind while awakening the sleeping sexual dragon within. A little practice will enhance your sexual identity, curiosity and ability.

What a gift you will give yourself and your partner!


The Secret to Great Foreplay:

Let’s get started. Begin by focusing attention on your genitals. Do this just by thinking of them. Energy follows attention. So you may feel a little thrill as you begin to energize your genitals. Attention is stimulation of the best kind!


If you go for a walk, make sure to consciously bring your genitals along. If you are driving to work give your sexual parts a little bit of your attention. Surely they deserve at least as much attention as that business meeting you are worrying about. Focus a little bit of attention on your genitals when you are on your cell phone, or having a cup of coffee or shopping.

While this may be odd advice, I assure you that the result will be richly rewarding and unexpected in good ways.

When you put your attention on your sexual organs, you are continually reminded that you are a sexual being. Remembering that you are a sexual being is foreplay, and you might as well have foreplay through out your day. You deserve it!

Whether you are doing the laundry, arguing about politics or meditating you are a sexual being. When you pick the kids up at school, watch TV or fix dinner you are a sexual being. Sexual energy isn’t just about sex. Your sexual energy keeps you young, vital, excited, curious, open and alive.

Want to look younger? The key is sexual energy. Want to be able to run faster and jump higher? Again sexual energy is the key. Want unconditional love? Sexual energy opens you to love and loving. No car, no new laptop, no great concert or movie can offer you the incredible time sexual energy can. Advertisers tempt and taunt you but can’t deliver. Sexual energy delivers. Always.

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When sexual energy flows you want to live life fully. There is a bounce in your step, a song in your heart and you are lighter and happier.  You become much more attractive to yourself and to others. You glow! Literally.

Raising your sexual energy really is easy. Just focus your attention on your genitals throughout your day. While this exercise may seem silly I promise that the results that produces are extraordinary, magical and priceless. Focusing your attention on your genitals completes you. It doesn’t make you want more or less sex, though it might seem it would. It actually just makes everything you do more wonderful. This simple exercise will change your life. But wait, there’s more!

Don’t Stop at Sex, Energize Your Life.


wikimedia commonsAs you hone your ability to focus attention on your genitals you will also be strengthening your ability to focus your attention on anything you want. After you have focused your attention on your genitals making each moment of the day foreplay, focus your attention on your kidneys.

While your genitals inspire sexual energy your kidneys hold your life force. Your kidneys are on either side of your lower back. Focus your attention there. You can use your hands a bit and rub that area too. As you focus on your kidneys, include your adrenals, the little glands that sit on top of your kidneys.

In our fast paced world we ask a lot of ourselves. We are constantly busy, working ourselves to and often past the point of exhaustion. Attention on your kidneys and adrenals will restore your energy, rejuvenate you and refresh your body and mind.

If your car runs out of gas you aren’t going anywhere. If your adrenals run out of energy you stall too.

Practice a bit with the kidneys. Experience the heightened energy from focusing energy on your kidneys. Anytime you need a little bit of a lift or want to be glad that you are alive give your kidneys and adrenals a shot of attention.

Unconditional Love Anyone?

Don’t stop there. Here are a few other sacred organs you can focus on. Each one will yield very different results and each will effortlessly enhance the quality of your life. Focus your attention on:

Heart: if you want more unconditional love.
Lungs: to balance sadness and integrity.
Spleen: if you are worrying too much or need some wisdom.
Liver: to balance anger and kindness.
Legs: if you are in the midst of a life transition.
Fingers: if you want an active playful day.

Experiment with other parts of your anatomy and discover what happens. In other words, it’s your body. Get to know it! Focusing on your body is a powerful first step to mastering your energy and attention. Learning to focus your attention will remind you that it really is your attention.

It’s Your Body, Attention and Universe.


Editor: Jennifer Cusano

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17 Responses to “Ancient Chinese “Secrets” to Supercharge our Sex Life.”

  1. Kali says:

    Wow!! Such great advice! I look forward to giving my body the attention it deserves! <3

  2. This was great! I really enjoyed the article. Thank you for your wisdom and humor!

  3. Charlie says:

    A great exercise to use to get to know myself!

  4. Marianna says:

    Thank you! Wow, such fascinating symmetry between the body and mind…here's some of my amateur hypotheses:

    Bottom of feet: To balance out thoughts of the past.
    Belly: To find support during tough times.
    Open palms: To let things go.
    Lips: To feel soft.

  5. Brenda caile says:

    I love my body and it loves me back,,,wonderful thank you for sharing and flowing

  6. […] finally, throw out the years and years of discipline required for true enlightenment. Yet keep our American proclivity for all things fast and apply it to yogic attainment—and do it […]

  7. jeff says:

    or you could just use this

  8. Francis L. Beveridge says:

    Need to do this exercise and more!

  9. mark says:

    Where is the Chinese aspect? I married a Chinese, I live in a major American Chinatown, and have been to China several times, and I would not be even tempted to say that theirs is a "sexual being"-oriented culture. I, on the other hand, have been wantonly sexually oriented since I first saw Cheryl Tiegs grace the cover of Sports Illustrated. True, for that erotic orientation I look young, feel young, and act young; I also make a living writing, ie. I am creative. My orientation, however, would find its roots in Ancient Greece, however, with Catullus and Sappho–not this mythic Chinese power you're talking about.
    So, while I agree with your basic premise–sex keeps you young and healthy–I think your attribution to something "eastern" is suspicious. Maybe you're just marketing/positioning it on something chi-related, which is fine. But really, it's specious to say such a thing. Now, I've got to get back to my life. Just after I play with my kidneys…. xoxox

  10. Bernie says:

    I love this article and the advise it gives. I try to be mindful of my body and love each and every part. How do you get your partner to see this in herself though? it can be very frustrating when the very person you love does not cherish herself and thus avoids the self love you bring to the relationship. (Wow, I can’t believe I just posted this)

  11. Devansh says:

    Hello Jerry
    I wanted to ask a question:
    So you were saying to focus on the genitals right, so should one focus if one is a male on the testicles only or the testicles and the penis? I mean I don’t really know is focusing on the penis does anything?
    Please let me know about this.
    Thank you

  12. Mike says:

    Perhaps we can realize we are sensual beings who have been brainwashed into believing we are sexual beings…

  13. Anuj says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Really loved your article and started practicing straight away… Have a question though when you say about focusing on other organs of the body (Eg Kidney) do we need to do this after focusing on our genitals or anytime? What will be the difference between the two?


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