Quote of the Day: Absolutely Ridiculous.

Via on Feb 17, 2012
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“Imperfection is beauty,

madness is genius

and it’s better to be

absolutely ridiculous

than absolutely boring.”

~ Marilyn Monroe


{I’ll pick absolutely ridiculous, beautiful imperfection over boring every single time.}

About Kate Bartolotta

Kate Bartolotta is the strongest girl in the world. She is the love child of a pirate and a roller derby queen. She hails from the second star to the right. She doesn't know how to behave with all the apples and ibexes. She doesn't suffer from her eight million freckles, she loves them! Like a rolling stone, Kate gathers no moss. Kate loves kale, being barefoot, Dr. Seuss, singing too loudly, gallivanting, palindromes, blackberries and has far too many books for her own good. When she's not writing, you can find her practicing yoga, running in the woods, playing with her kids, devouring a book, planting dandelions, changing the world and doing her dishes. Kate does not play the accordion. She is a massage therapist, writer and a compassionate friend to all. This year Kate aspires to finally give up on learning to knit and will instead spend that time putting a little bit more of her heart on the page. Connect with Kate on Facebook and Twitter


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7 Responses to “Quote of the Day: Absolutely Ridiculous.”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    Brilliant life, but not sure one I'd turn to for wisdom on happiness. ~ Waylon

  2. mountaingirl says:

    don't give up on knitting!!! <3

    • Oh, I must! It just makes me swear and throw things!

      • mountaingirl says:

        tee hee :) i too gave up on knitting for several years and only recently have picked it back up. i find it very meditative (though not really a replacement for actual meditation, which i should do more often :) as for knitting, youtube videos are KEY and most importantly, embracing "frogging"…what they call in the knitting world the act of ripping out rows and rows of work, even entire pieces……just rip it out, rip it, rip it, ribbit….get it? haha, crazy knitting lingo :) its actually a great exercise in non-attachment :) believe me, you get really attached to something you've spent 12+ hours on, only to tear it up? no thanks, but once you embrace the "frog" its all good. anywho, all the best on your journeys, knitting and otherwise :P

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