10 Rules for Being Human.

Via on Feb 22, 2012


Relephant: This human life of yours is pretty awesome.

Don’t forget (and don’t waste it)!


Editor: Kate Bartolotta.

editor’s note: these rules appear in by Cherie Carter Scott.

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7 Responses to “10 Rules for Being Human.”

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  2. cit1 says:

    Just like your videos, this is pretty awesome. Thanks Meghan!

  3. Stephine Conway says:

    This episode was simply amazing, amazing story and amazing footage, thank you

  4. […] that doesn’t mean that you have to let them walk all over you. All relationships have rules. With peers, we rarely state the rules out loud (though, now and then, we do), but they are […]

  5. prakash raykar says:

    simple yet core truth. thanks.

  6. ASH says:

    When the lesson needs to be learned the teacher appears….

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