The Social Media Sūtras. {Video}

Via on Feb 29, 2012

“We grow as people, and as a society through the collective musings shared and shared again, compounding our imaginative and philosophical reach beyond the scope of human consciousness. Through this we are presented with a profound opportunity to create a more open world, wherein happiness and peace are the new norm.” ~ Joshua Plant

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Where is My Guru co-hosts Jessica Durivage and Diane Ferraro will speak as presenters of their co-authored panel presentation “Radio Free Yoga–Self-Realize x Social Enterprise,” at the SXSW Interactive Festival 2012 headquarters in Austin, TX. Their panel will explore bringing yogic philosophy into the mainstream discourse of social media, providing a platform for positive, healthy and effective communication based on the five yamas, or principles, which guide how individuals interact with the world whether in person as practiced through the ancient tradition of yoga or today through the world wide web. Joining Jessica and Diane on the panel are Waylon Lewis, founder of the decade-old print-to-online far-reaching publication, Vikram Gandhi, director of Kumaré, as highlighted in Time Video, and Seane Corn, world-renowned yoga instructor and co-founder of the philanthropic organization Off the Mat, Into the World.


Bonus Video of Super Bloopers:

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Joshua Plant is nothing. His reality is nothingness, and because he has inhabited this space, this void, he is empowered. While wearing the hat of a meditator, entrepreneur, chef, PR guy, social media junkie, producer, yogi, quote lover, blogger & artist: he pays his bills doing PR; notwithstanding, his true calling extends far beyond the boundaries of his employment. / His blog entitled, Planting Wisdom, is dedicated to planting seeds of wisdom through enlightened writings, quotes, photos and mindfulness techniques all aimed to create a happier world. / Joshua is a foodie with an insane tongue that requires him to leap from place to place, country to country (planet to planet??) in search of new flavors and succulent nibbles! He puts his nose into everything work-wise, and just about everything else, he wants to get a sense of the notes that compose everything. One could suppose this is why he does not sleep, it is like a symphony of ideas, scents, and glitter dancing around his head twenty-four hours a day.



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    Amazing job! Speechless. Tweeting you now. :)

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  2. SwamiHenderson says:

    <3 Hello new BFF.
    I'll be moving my stuff into your apartment soon. Probably when you're not home.
    Can you pick up some almond milk?
    I also love this video.

  3. Daniel Tucker says:

    Love it! And, I have a frame drum on my wall too. Hah. @danielctucker and @KirtanCentral

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