Kiss Me, I’m Irish! Celebrate St.Patrick’s Day Like St. Patrick.

Via on Mar 16, 2012
The Imagine Foundation fights to end Human Trafficking

St.Patrick’s Day is one of the oddest holidays we celebrate in America.

Generally, there is a parade and the bars are open by 7 A.M. The highlight for me is all the cute Irish women wearing “Kiss Me – I’m Irish” buttons (truth be told I’ve never gotten the Luck of the Irish Kiss). As Yogis, we struggle on St.Patrick’s day. We want to “Live In The Moment” as Yeah Dave tells us to, yet we know there is something wrong with drinking right before the first yoga class of the day ends.

Who was St. Patrick anyway?

St.Patrick was a British guy (now we know why we drink—technically he was from Wales), who was captured and brought to Ireland as a slave. Eventually he was freed and returned to his family, he became a priest and dedicated his life to the Church.

It is here where we find the true meaning of St.Patrick’s day. Take this as an opportunity to drink for all of those who are enslaved and celebrate the freedom you have. Then, take social action and actively work—like St.Patrick did—for the people.

Below are some organizations you can start with. And if you happen to see me,

Kiss me, I’m Irish!

How can you get involved in making a change this St.Patrick’s Day?

  1. Support The Imagine Foundation, start by liking their Facebook Page! Researching and Fighting Human Trafficking in Ohio.
  2. Maybe you are ready for Seane Corn and Off The Matt’s 2013 Seva Challenge—Human Trafficking in India.
  3. Support The Nepal Orphans Home—rescuing orphans in Nepal from Slavery and giving them a home and an education.
  4. Check out The Africa Yoga Project—actively creating yoga teachers in Nairobi and creating mentorships with teachers in the U.S. (Freeing people!)
  5. The Urban Lotus Youth Yoga project—local to Cleveland—teaching Yoga to kids in lock-up and in schools.
  6. The Yoga Freedom Project—Using Yoga as a healing tool for survivors of sex trafficking.



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