Via on Mar 5, 2012

Money is only energy to the extent that all inert pieces of paper are. Otherwise, it's an instrument of debt. Yay!

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Carolyn Elliott is a mischief-maker who helps people struggling with economic inequality to realize their dreams, feel whole and live beautifully. She charts the liminal wilderness of spirituality and radical politics over at the bright hearth of Love & Anarchy. Carolyn experienced a series of heart-awakenings while earning her PhD in critical and cultural studies at the University of Pittsburgh. These awakenings caused her to dedicate her life to sharing joy and feedom. She now offers her book on cultivating ecstatic creativity, Awesome Your Life: the Artist’s Antidote to Suffering Genius, as a free and shareable gift right here. If you find you dig the book, you might want to sign-up for low-cost coaching with Carolyn, which comes highly recommended.


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