New York State of Mind.

Via on Mar 21, 2012
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I love New York.

L.A. is cool. Don’t love it. Like it as more of a casual aquaintance you see and make small talk with from time to time. Chicago…Chicago and I are a bit estranged. We usually only see each other when I’m headed somewhere else. Boston’s an old friend; we go way back. Nashville is that fun relative that you don’t see often enough. And Boulder, well, I miss Boulder terribly.

But back to New York. I love it! It’s a cliché, right? It’s those old tourism commercials from the 80’s with everyone singing “I love New York.” It’s just not like anywhere else. It’s syncopated.

It has a rhythm like no other place I’ve ever been:


Take a five minute break. Hit full screen. Slow down and take it in.

Thanks to Tim Sessler and all the amazing musicians involved in making this beautiful slowed down Saturday afternoon music possible.

(P.S. I’m going to be there in three weeks!)

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  1. Anna Sheinman SOFLY_Anna says:

    great prospective, but I can totally live w/o it…

  2. […] or disliking something. I didn’t worry about plans. I didn’t worry about what I looked like. That’s the beauty of New York. Nobody cares! So you can embrace all of your imperfections exactly as you […]

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