Photos; Interview at Waylon’s House with Congressman Tim Ryan. ~ Lindsay Friedman

Via on Apr 30, 2012

Just hung out with Waylon and Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan at hotelephant. Tim offered some great advice on living and practicing the mindful life––something we’re all about. Check out our slideshow.

Since I began my internship in January with elephant journal, I have come to understand what it means to live mindfully. It is about practicing what you preach. Living sustainably, being socially and politically engaged and taking on challenges with grace.

After hearing Tim speak, I realized that mindfulness can be practiced in any profession, work space or daily activity. He said, “I believe in the future we will teach children in school how to practice being mindful and patient in the same ways we are required to teach gym.” I believe him. We make better choices when we use our meditation practice to clear our minds from our own chaos.

One quote that still resonates in my mind is, “Leaders are listeners.” That is something that everyone should take into consideration.

Look out for the video interview later today.


Lindsay Friedman is a senior studying environmental science and sustainable development at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is an intern at elephant journal and has a part time job at The Fitter. She is also a leader of a local food campaign on campus called CU Going Local. She is a true Chicagoan turned mountain girl. Follow her on twitter, Laine0315.


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5 Responses to “Photos; Interview at Waylon’s House with Congressman Tim Ryan. ~ Lindsay Friedman”

  1. brianculkin says:

    This is great Waylon. Mindfulness is so essential … so important … so critical in our current stage of development. In many ways it transcends specific political systems and ideologies. It would be far better to have a "Mindful" and "Non Mindful" dichotomy instead of Democrats and Republicans. Mindfulness creates space and dimension internally and externally … innately non-bureaucratic … manifests energy in flows rather than ridges.

    Nice ……..

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