Bones to Crack. {Poetry}

Via on May 14, 2012

Bones to Crack

What is wrong, what’s out of whack

just brought these bones for you to crack.

I don’t know, I couldn’t tell

this stillness feels a lot like hell.

I cannot sleep anymore

so I walk along the bathroom floor.

Wake up at dawn, just to see

that I look like you and you look like me.

Where will it lead us, all this sound

What, at the end, what could be found.

Grandma sits in her rocking chair

I looked again and she wasn’t there.

Searching, searching, searching please

I’m on my hands, he’s on his knees.

I think we’ve both just disappeared

and isn’t this just what he feared?


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About Erin Kouvas

Erin Kouvas is a believer in magic, in love and in all things wonderful. She has a penchant for travel, writing, photography, dance, music, and yoga. She admires the sunset, a fresh flower, bravery and real people (who are often brave). She is a yoga instructor, owns and teaches out of Yoga Urth in Warren Ohio and has nothing but love for the wonderful people in her life. She is grateful. Amen. Facebook Erin


2 Responses to “Bones to Crack. {Poetry}”

  1. […] misconceptions that go around about chiropractic. One of the most common is that we crack bones.We don't crack bones was uploaded by: kalyagirlDuration: 135Rating: chiropractic. One of the most common is that we crack bones. WordPress › Error html { […]

  2. Erin says:

    Lol, I wasn’t talking about chiropractors…but thank you just the same. I actually wrote this with the image of bones…not in a human body…just the bones. And I do see a chiropractor.

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