Some Things Get Lost in Translation. {Video}

Via on May 6, 2012
Photo: Youtube

English can be a hard language to learn.

I had a Greek friend in college who used to confuse the words “sperm” and “germ” and remarked that she had a cold and didn’t want to get her “sperm” all over everyone. After some back and forth, I was able to explain why this was an impossibility. The hardest part for non-native speakers is probably the idioms—particularly in American English.

Mindful speech is important, but misunderstandings can be pretty hilarious:

On shooting fish in a barrel:

YouTube Preview Image


On barking up the wrong tree:

YouTube Preview Image


On being happy as a clam:

YouTube Preview Image


On being a party pooper:

YouTube Preview Image


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6 Responses to “Some Things Get Lost in Translation. {Video}”

  1. Eric says:

    ~that guy obviously watched Hans & Franz on SNL in the 1980's:
    "Listen to me now, und believe me latuh–we are here to PUMP. YOU. UP!!!" :)

    Kate, I am not using the anti-bacterial soap because it kills the sperms; so now am I the LOL–out loud laughing–ja!!! Hahahahaha!!!

    (whispering: "Jennifer poops at za pahties….")

    • Yeah, I'm assuming if he is truly German, he's hamming it up a bit—but they still cracked me up! (Vas ist ze crack up? Did I crack into zee pieces and fall unt zee floor?)

      • Eric says:

        How is it you up viss za ham??!? Is it you putting the ham in za crrack??!?!??

        (Aber, ich glaube dass, der Man is vielleicht ein Schauspieler sein, oder ein großer Clown!! :)

        • Ha! Meine Deutsch ist horrible. All I remember is: Geben mich der Zumstoff, Ich habe keine ahnung and Ich esse keine fleisch. And I'm sure some other random things floating around in there!

          How is it you up viss za ham?!?!? hahah!

  2. Eric says:

    "Give me the stuff. I have no idea and I don't eat meat." :)

  3. Tara says:

    This guy is great… lol.

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