Are Yoga Teachers Better in Bed? ~ Alexa Maxwell

Via elephant journal
on Jun 4, 2012
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Photo credit: Dollen

Yes, yes, oh God, yes!

And here’s why:

Yoga teachers know the body.

They know theirs and they want to know yours. Your yoga teacher lover won’t be afraid to touch you. Anywhere. And she won’t be shy about touching herself, knowing what feels good, showing you what positions will hit her personal favorite spots. All this body knowledge is going to make for some powerful sex.

Yoga teachers have passion.

They have dedicated a lot of time to something that is not necessarily a lucrative profession. They have studied and asked questions. They have followed the urge to go deep in their physical, spiritual and emotional selves.

The lights are on and everybody’s home.

Your yoga teacher lover has gone through all the body image stuff and come through the other side. Yoga classes are not a place to be shy or self-conscious. She has sneakily, in the beginning, compared her body to hundreds of others and learned to see the universal beauty in every physical form instead of weighing her own deficits. She has seen her body change and grow stronger and she has witnessed this journey in others: first in classmates, then in students. She has seen young and old, fat and skinny, athletic, voluptuous, tattooed, black, brown, yellow, pink and white and seen the beauty in them all. She has undergone a spiritual journey as well as a physical one and it has lit her up in ways she never dreamed possible. She is eager to share that new wealth. Finally, she has turned back to her own physical body and learned to appreciate its strength and grace and forgiven it for its limitations.

Yoga, like the best sex, is about the journey, not goal oriented.

Yet, yogis are also pleasure-pursuers. Yoga has become a sport and like all sports, there is a high that you get when you master a pose, push a little farther, achieve the balance, go to a place that was previously unreachable. She has gotten high on her own body and she has received a contact high from others discovering their personal pleasure. She can spend all day exploring mutual pleasure with you. (Maybe learning a little about tantric sex could be great for both of you!) She can also hit it hard, fast and accurately when the occasion calls for it.

• And finally, the one you were waiting for:

How does the practice of yoga translate into a physical ability to be amazing in bed (or on the floor, table, against the wall, in the car, wherever these lovemaking sessions take place?) Strength, flexibility and endurance are components of yoga. They are also the elements that make the difference between boring same-old sex and something a little different once in a while. So enjoy exploring these things with your yogi or yogini lover because she has earned the appreciation.

Disclaimer: I have used the female pronoun here because well, because I’m a girl! But this applies to yoga guys as well—obviously!

Alexa Maxwell is a writer, teacher, traveler and student of yoga. She is a huge fan of elephant journal and is honored to be part of the herd. Watch for more posts as she attempts to maintain a steady yoga practice while solo traveling through South America. (YIKES!) You can read more at her blog, follow her on Twitter @catnipkiss or wait for her upcoming travel memoir, which is a work in progress.


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73 Responses to “Are Yoga Teachers Better in Bed? ~ Alexa Maxwell”

  1. Andrew Gurvey says:

    I must say, this all applies to male teachers as well :)

  2. Edward Staskus says:

    I can usually recognize irony and sarcasm when I see it, but in this case I have to ask: am I missing something? (And i do not mean any something about sex.) Or are you being completely serious?

  3. Namaste . . .

    Our Body is Our Temple . . .

    so Keep Practice Yama-Niyama with all elements,

    then start learning The Theory & Practice of Tantric-Yoga . . .

    Om Shanti . . .

  4. Rogelio says:

    If you consider the modern version of yoga to be what it is suppose to be, then the article on sex is correct. but if you follow the yamas and niyamas, and read the yoga sutras of patanjali, of what yoga's real intent is, Sex is way down on the list of benefits.
    one sutra states that yogis/ yoginis, will desire less physical contact with others….
    But i guess being a yoga teacher now a days, its a great pick up status….

  5. trueayurveda says:

    They can definitely fake it better!

  6. The Author says:

    I, a non yoga teacher, have had to instruct WAY to many yoga teachers in anatomy 101 to believe this.

  7. Don't forget... says:

    Two words (for both men & women) — mula bandha! 😉

  8. Tim Whyte says:

    How ironic that you're promoting teachers having sex with students yet isn't this just one of the things that brought down John Friend? By Ironic I also mean hypocritical. Although you speak the truth.

  9. Ummm... says:

    Why do you say yoga teachers and not people in general who practice/study yoga?

  10. chrys says:

    just funny…

  11. Holden Litgo says:

    Must compliment you, Alexa Maxwell, on your good-natured responses to some rather silly comments here. Jai ho!

  12. catnipkiss says:

    Thank you Holden; I do try not to take things seriously if it is not warranted! Thanks for reading! – Alexa M.

  13. yogacrap says:

    What crap.

  14. Shei_1 says:

    I fully agree. But… not only teachers. But yogis period.

    When we have become one with our mind, body & soul & chose to share this with someone special, prepare for very wide-legged forward bends & kisses so deep it'll leave scar tissue!!! 😉

    Only issue I have with this article, is that we're insinuating that yoga teachers are only females…

  15. yogahardlinerschill says:

    I spent the better part of 5 years more or less celibate. It was not exactly voluntary, but I also did very little to change it. In that time, particularly in the last 3 or 4 years, my yoga practice advanced considerably (if not dramatically). This year I have been very sexually active, and have found all sorts of subtle and not so subtle differences sexually (all of a very positive nature). I had always been told I was a very good lover, but suffice to say my staying power and control over my body have gone to places I've never known. Fun and powerful!

  16. Harlan says:

    I loved this article. It doesn't say yoga teachers have sex with their students.

    Awesome photo EJ.

  17. marjorie says:

    Funny Sex always stirs up the pot!

    I like it but then again I am a teacher who likes SEX

    Not with my students because I don’t mix business with pleasure

    But I will advertise that I am a yoga instructor hoping to have better sex with my partner

  18. pete says:

    So all the native cultures all around the world that had never heard of Yoga are stupid or bad lovers, ask the Polynesians ..slept with one?..before Sugar..[yoga,actually means.. oneness that started from meditation and celibacy] now..producing…tadaaah!..superlovers! well you name it..Yoga prodcuces!.great bricklayers, builders, child labourers, chemtrail researchers,animal activists, and people aware of the mass poverty in.. India[a colonialistic name for Hindustan]…

    Its just amazing how people do all these different types of ''yoga'' and believe that they all came from Hindustan,..they didnt.

    The majority where created by and are run by westerners who market and make money off cultures, who really represent what these uncultured westerners..yearn for…culture…I find it really amusing how many westerners doing ''yoga'' have never even slept with an Hindustani..never mind ..even kissing one..its laughable..

    To me, to understand a truly understand depth, social, and innermost opinions of the culture your interested in, there is no understanding unless you are attracted to the culture of the country you endlessly..espouse and go on about..
    This is where its all exposed as marketing, white Yogis[bikram etc] travelling the world laying heaps of white girls, and splurging tonnes of cash..
    Yoga is in its death throws…right now..simply because it doesnt represent any culture at all, except the greatest..White male marketing..of WMM..sure there are genuine people, but genuine doesnt preclude you from observing the hypocrisy of ridiculous marketing ploys like the above article..

    .Time to get out of the Yoga studios, get of your heads, and start looking at the big picture, who are you?..why are you here?..and am I doing this just because everyone looking up definition of a cult….unquestioning belief..and try and find one culture anywhere or animal that spends 1 hour stretching..its just so strange…to think white robes, notice white robes, [Hindustanis are dark brown, and wear alot of orange and turmeric stained clothing]..are pure and clean..

    the Earth needs real people connected to the Earth..grounded, now is the time to look out the airconditioned window at the animals looking at you, and remember..the Earth is watching..Words, are nothing ..without actions..and actions create change…pete..

  19. catnipkiss says:

    Hi Pete – I get you, and thanks for commenting. This article was just meant to be a little fun and playful, and of course I am NOT implying that yoga teachers (and practicioners) are the ONLY people in the world who can f**k :) What I am saying is that people (men, women, teachers, whoever!) who deepen their yoga practice are more in touch with their bodies, can appreciate bodies of others, have started to tap into deeper spiritual matters, and can CONNECT more fully because of their physical yoga practice. The asanas lead to deeper exploration of all other aspects of self, connecting to deep peace, and ability to share that with others. At least that is my experience.__All the other things you mention, the big picture, the animals and our connection to the Earth – they somehow magically come from this yoga practice that maybe was intially begunjust to lose a few pounds….. CHILDREN, listen! YOGA IS A GATEWAY DRUG!!

  20. Jim Prmeau says:

    Fabulous picture, and solid testimonial. May You stay Forever Young with open heart

  21. yogasamurai says:

    Well, there's no way of answering your question, Alexa – without having actual testimony from your partners?

    There's a funny thing about Stud Bragging by either gender? When the real "notes" are compared, a different truth usually emerges!

    I'm a trained social scientist, and at a minimum, I'd have to conduct my own participant-observation research.

  22. HVBB says:

    Yes, yoga IS a gateway drug… cultism and narcissistic behavior.
    One of the prime sypmptoms of narcissism are only associating with groups of like minded people (in order to have equal support of the already inflated ego….)
    And using the "sex sells" practice of advertising to gain new converts? Nice.

    I agree with Pete. I could not have worded it any better than he did.

    Seriously, Pete, please keep it coming.

    And ANY form of exercise will make sex better. Yoga, as taught in the west, is equal to a runner hitting their "zone".

    Yogis aren't "special"

    I really wish they would stop acting that way. .

  23. erin says:

    you are going on my 4th step. holy sh*t.

  24. pete says:

    Hi..Alexa..the primary reason I posted this, was just the response I got..legitamisation of subtextual ''fun''..

    I have slept with Yoga women and other women…I cant generalise,but I find yoga women to lack energy, flexible but not really energetic..This is mainly diet related due to vegetarism and a thought belief system based on the non observing of how Nature animal cleans their food of the bugs on it, Nature is covered in bugs..As all Native tribes were Omniverous as all animals are in Nature..

    I have done talks for numerous Yoga centres in Sydney..and well, the health awareness was really..average..I have met ''yoga'' teachers that have been teaching for over 10 years that thought Fluoride was good for your teeth, and tap water was good…this is not unusual…not at all…

    My whole life revolves around the health basis of Native cultures..Nutrition and Physical Degeneration Revised Edition…a massive study of Native peoples 14 in all, of all regions of the world, ''yoga'' is not mentioned..once…

    Westernised belief systems loosely constructed on a maybe..[the origins of Yoga are vague..Meditation was the real basis..not stretching]..And now evidence is coming forward, that some if not all ''yoga'' comes from Gymnastics, as you can see ALL ''yoga'' moves easily in Gymnastic floor exercises..if you care to is that ..simple..Observational Knowledge..the basis for real knowledge not heresay, rumour ''I heards''..belief systems…really destructive on children..

    This is not an attack on ''yoga'' but an observation of hypnosis on a population,section.. as all ''yoga'' people are characterised, molded into a certain mindset, physicality, way of speech, movement and mind…by Unhealthy slow unergetic ''Hindustanis'' who believe that talking slow and moving slow, being bloated and pausing before they speak..makes them someone to acknowledge as ''wise and worldly''.

    .This is a form of NLP that transposes into the ''alternative health'' as ''wow did you hear him say that'' when in other words he just said something really slowly, and you listened more because he was talking slowly and pausing…

    Instantaneously himself..All of the ''yogis' old ones ..are men..enough women..same old rubbish men acting like they know everything..when in fact women do, Barbara Walker books, for the real HER-story instead of HIS-story..

    The same can be said of the ''gym'' people, a developed moulded ''character'' fit in to the ''team''..a classic psychological training to disempower from individuality..Completely different from a childs way of behaviour…spontaneous, questioning non conformist and

    As I said Alexa,'' yoga'' is almost dead, because it never was, it was just marketed as something, like Aerobics etc, the new kid on the block..
    I personally have been doing the Tibetan Five rites for over 12 years, and pushups, and handstand pushups, and digging, lifting and pulling, a physical job..the human body needs exercise, not stretching for long periods

    Isolate ''yoga'' people, gym, by themselves away from other ''yoga'' or gym people for long periods…, and you will see the real person…a bit lost..and physically unfit to the wild..emotionally as well….
    This is why unquestioning belief systems are so bad, it removes, question, spontanatity, individulism and freedom from a unique entity..what a child starts life
    As I said we really need to get outside, and see if you can do ''yoga gym'' outside..or is the reason you dont, is because your scared of Nature?scared of the Sun..?..[by the way, gym is short for Gymnasium, and Gymnasiums contained Pommel horses, Parallel bars, floor mats, exercise rings, etc''gyms'' now just contain they really should be called..Weight rooms..or wait rooms..thanks for reading,

    Try outside!…its alive!..pete melov

  25. catnipkiss says:

    HVVB – Interesting comments! Although I agree that yoga has become cultish to a certain extent, I am probably one of the least trendy (no Lululemon $80 pants for me!) and perhaps down to earth person you might meet in a yoga class. (Is it still "humble" to call ones self humble? Or does that cancel it out immediately?) Yoga has enriched my life and I want to share that with others, not show off (not much to show!) or impress or anything like it. And as I confessed, I am currently celibate anyway. But writing the article was a way to connect my two favorite things, ONE of which i am not currently doing!__

  26. catnipkiss says:

    There are cults and cliques in every group – yogis, scrapbookers, dancers, dog people, golfers… etc., etc., etc. Yes, yoga has become diluted from what it was meant to be. Yes, trends and events and clothing lines and all sort of consumerism and related stuff has sprung from the popularity. We're in the US. It's what we do best! But I still maintain that one who finds yoga for one reason might still stumble into the spiritual aspect and become a more elightened person, whether they meant to or not. I know I have, and of course it is a journey! Others never find this. Poor them.__ Alexa

  27. pete says:

    Hi Alexa, the great way to analise, anything, is where did it come from?..golfers, scrapebookers etc, dont behave like they are ''enlightened'' or ''spiritual'' just because they stretch for an hour, 4 times a week, and know some Hindustani words..

    Its just alot of ''yoga'' people have a way of speaking and acting, that actually is recognisable..scrapbookers, golfers etc, dont.

    You can watch a person change as soon as they start ''yoga'', they change almost completely, to a different person, and if you act to your original personality, on the dont ''fit in''..this is molding, or training…NLP….dangerous..

    Watch how extrovert, spontaneous kids are calmed down to be like all the rest, a great book ''The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America''By Iserbyt ..shows how the taking of a childs originality is the basis for

    I did ''yoga'' for about 5 years, I never fitted in, I questioned continually, never got answers to questions, and found the exercises slowing and de-energising,thats why I gave it up.. and now I constantly get the remark, ''sorry, I am a bit out of it..Ive just done ''yoga'' ..super common..

    Analysis continually, is the way to go to higher level, self acceptance of a belief without investigation and a common thought, action acceptance, non questioning belief extremely dangerous for individuality and growth…

    All Native Cultures, continually questioned and learnt from their surroundings, never did they have a belief in..words..

    Observation of self, and Nature creates the next generation..I personally would like to see a generation of kids that know how the Sun works, Sun Earth relationship, how my body works, Live-er etc, than a regional exercise, that is regularly changed by people..''practising'' that regional exercise in a completely different country[non energetically aligned, bizarre]

    Here in ''Australia'' , we have the oldest culture on the Planet, estimates, 100, 000 years or more, who knows, I dont know a single white person who knows any of the Dreamtime ceremonies, or anything to do with our native tribal ceremonies, its laughable..
    yet they do an exercise from another country..completely, that could be 100 years old at most..terrible..its embarrasing… ''Voices of the First Day,'' Robert Lawler,,life changing book..

    This is the real danger of ''yoga'' a general sprituality that destroys all other far older cultures, by commercialism, marketing, and fear..fear of going understand and respect the culture of your land..the real culture of who you are..
    For me Alexa..its not about what I am comfortable with, its about….am I asking questions of my surroundings?, and the people I associate with?, the land I walk on, and questioning how I could help the planet, and that only comes by understanding the culture of your country..not avoiding them…which most people do here in ''australia''..very interesting times at the moment..the answers are there, outside of the comfort box…pete melov

  28. pete says:

    Hi Alexa, the great way to analise, anything, is where did it come from?..golfers, scrapebookers etc, dont behave like they are ''enlightened'' or ''spiritual'' just because they stretch for an hour, 4 times a week, and know some Hindustani words..

  29. HVBB says:

    That first line should have read "I have no tolerance for yoga zealots" my OSX auto corrected itself.

  30. @dollen says:

    Hey, thanks for using my picture. Cool article!

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  32. Linda-Sama says:

    did John Friend really write this?

  33. me says:

    nope, martial arts students and teachers MUCH BETTER ! and massage therapists !! and dancers!

  34. Shivin says:

    * correction – "Well if someone wants to enjoy yoga with all flexibility or someone who understands his or her body well, then I guess you must promote sex with your anatomy professor or …"

  35. […] As yogis, my husband and I already had a great sex life. […]

  36. yogibattle says:

    These articles are why I don't take Elephant Journal seriously as any kind of authority on Yoga. I guess sex sells. Very sad.

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