10 Things I’d love to have in my backyard.

Via on Jul 15, 2012

Treehouse Porn.

Americans love to assuage boredom by spending money on our backyards. It’s a little silly, and selfish. But…I’m not immune: I’d like a basketball hoop. I’d like a koi pond. I’d like a buried custom hot tub. I’d like a chicken coop (only now, I’m veganboy). I’d like a pool. I’d like a mom-in-law house for, well my mom. I’d like a big old rusted wrought iron fence, but I’d still like a way for the deer to come on in and wander around, as they like to do (haven’t figured that one out, yet).

And, I’d like a treehouse.

Good thing I don’t yet have the dough fro all this silliness: better, I think, to keep things simple, and enjoy the great world outside of my home, more.

Source: babybites.co.nz via Baby on Pinterest

Source: hgtv.com via Brooke on Pinterest

Source: creaturecomfortsblog.com via Jessica on Pinterest

Love how low-down and connected up this one is:

Source: southernlivinghouseplans.com via Tammy on Pinterest

Use re-used materials:


Love how open this one is. Would make a great home/work office.

Like how light-on-the-tree this one appears to be:

Source: casitalajoya.com via Wendy on Pinterest

Bonus round: other things I’d love to have in my backyard.

Dining table, work table, fresh tablecloths and (organic) garden:

Source: thegrio.com via theGrio.com on Pinterest

But let’s remember: it’s not merely what we have: it’s who we are, and who we have to share what we are and have with.

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12 Responses to “10 Things I’d love to have in my backyard.”

  1. Lindsay says:

    Wow, these pictures are beautiful.

  2. tridentgirl says:

    Boredom? Selfish? No way!
    Basketball hoop = health and fitness = less stress on healthcare system
    Koi pond = meditation/tranquility = better health = less stress on healthcare system
    Hot tub = all of the above = better health = less stress on healthcare system
    Chicken coop = fantistic family pets + eggs for neighbors = community and family = better health = less stress on healthcare system
    Mom-in-law house = family = better health for you and mom = less stress on healthcare system
    (I'm having a hard time working in the pool and the wrought iron fence…wait I might have the fence)
    Rusted wrought Iron fence = recycled, 2nd hand material = positive for the environment!
    (you're on your own with the pool)
    Organic garden = feeding yourself sustainably = health for you and planet = healthy you, healthy planet!
    Tree house = youthfulness + family fun = more health..geeze.

    In conclusion, you can see from the newly compiled results that you actually NEED this stuff.

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  4. Linda Lewis Linda V Lewis says:

    Hey, you could consolidate two of your wishes and have a tree house for your mommy!–me! Love and Cheerful Birthday!

  5. HannahWilson22 says:

    Seriously, if you have a background designed this way, and backyard pond kits to add along, you'll have the dream background. Personally, I would love to have a background like that because it will definitely help me relax from the stress that I have to deal with everyday.

  6. lia michelle says:

    I love how those structured tree houses blends with their backyards. It'll be more attractive if they'd add up some koi pond kits to make it more a 'nature-loving' scene.

  7. Derrick Patterson says:

    I think it's a relaxing feeling to spend my leisure time in that tree house just feeding the koi's with fish food pellets. Especially with someone very close to my heart.

  8. What I'd like to have in our backyard is the animals I love to take care of. Dogs, cats and horses are just a few of them.

  9. […] 10 Things I’d love to have in my backyard. (elephantjournal.com) […]

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