One May As Well Burst Out in Laughter.

Via on Jul 23, 2012
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There’s a certain quality of lightness we encounter when we relax back completely into a moment.

We may find ourselves at a concert, or at a ball game—perhaps in a conversation with our family or sipping a bowl of tea.

We’re startled with laughter in these perfect moments that we’ve accepted as so.

The beautiful thing about life is, we can also accept the “horrible” moments as perfect and feel free. When we do this, they’re only lessons, obstacles on a path towards our destiny—we’re forever living the dream.

Here’s a beautiful Longchenpa quote that captures this perfectly:


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7 Responses to “One May As Well Burst Out in Laughter.”

  1. Gloria says:

    So simple, so beautiful and so true. Thank you ever so much!! I could not agree more :)

  2. Laura says:

    Sometimes it only takes a few words to get the point across, and oh so beautifully…perfect timing as I "dance in the rain" of my current, yet temporary, circumstances.

  3. dianabonyhadi says:

    Laughter is healing – oh so healing. And it has been said that laughter, tears and song bring us closest to the beloved

  4. Jordan Epstein jhepstein says:

    Love it diana, healing for sure, anything authentically shared brings me, too, closer to the core.

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