10 Reasons to Tax, Regulate & Control Marijuana.

Via on Aug 6, 2012

“It should be legalized and taxed. Taxed. Yeah, ‘Gimme a pack of marijuana!’ But this other stuff is poison; acid’s poison, speed is poison, STP is poison, it’s all poison. But grass is nothing.” ~ Jack Kerouac

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Holy Smoke? Kind Religion?

“The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Pot. It’s all about peace (good), and zoning out (not so good). In any case, it’s far chillller and less aggression-or-accident-inducing than alcohol or drugs, and the production of it isn’t effing up the entire nation of Mexico, etc.

Even Sarah Palin thinks our police force’s precious time would be better spent enforcing laws that matter.

So here’s 10 Reasons off the top of my head (with a little help from my friends, and Reddit) to control Marijuana, instead of treating it as illegal and fighting a fight we can’t, and shouldn’t win.

1) Less taxpayer money used to house non violent drug arrests.

2) More room in prisons for actually dangerous criminals. Prisons are expensive, and w

…would also indirectly help combat the virulent spread of HIV, since half of all drug arrests are marijuana-related and the War on Drugs has created a massive prison system which accelerates “the spread of the HIV pandemic by driving drug users underground, and away from healthcare, and into high risk environments like prison.”

3) The state makes money to help fund…anything. Healthcare, education, police, fire.

4) Regulated drugs means no more kids getting paid to sell on the corner since people can get it at any store, as they would liquor or cigarettes.

5) The countries that do this haven’t had negatives come about from it. They have fewer people using and more money to use for public programs.

6) affordable medication for a variety of illnesses, with reduced negative side effects and addictive properties.

7) Hemp can be used for almost everything trees are used for on a much smaller plot of land and will grow back in half the time once harvested.

“I eat a hemp cereal and drink hemp in my shakes for essential amino acids, and omega 3. I even got my extremely republican parents to eat the hemp and they love it!”

8. It’s less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. And, unlike either, it isn’t physically addictive at all. So let’s treat it like them.

9. The War on Drugs is expensive. It isn’t working.

10. What’s one more reason to legalize marijuana and hemp? Any good reasons not to do so, please share those, too.

Bonus: 10 Pot Posters.

Bonus: A Brief History of Weed (awesome video).


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