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Welcome to the Bright Antenna Records weekly yoga playlist.

Last December, I gave our staff a six week, in-office yoga class as a Christmas present. It was such a hit that we decided to make it a full-time, weekly bonding event, and sharing our weekly playlist with the outside world was the obvious next step.

Since we’re an indie record label, music is vitally important to us, so a great deal of thought and heart goes into the playlists I make for class every week. They’re roughly one hour long, often themed, and, as you’ll discover, they’re not your typical shanti shanti yoga mixes. But yoga is about opening your mind as much as it is about opening your body, isn’t it?

We hope you enjoy the ride and discover a lot of great music along the way. Preferably while you’re in Downward-Facing Dog. Or dancing around in your underwear. Or drinking margaritas on your porch. As our yoga instructor, Arwyn Moonrise said today, “It’s a true show of strength in Warrior II to be able to maintain perfect balance, play air drums and lip sync at the same time.”

This week’s playlist, “Yoga With The Brits,” was inspired by, you guessed it, the London Olympics—gold-medal winning Brit pop and rock from the recent past and present. As our friends across the pond might say, “It’s bloody brilliant!”


For past yoga playlists, including Bowie Yoga, Grunge Yoga and Disco Yoga, visit Bright Antenna’s Spotify page.


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