“I believe that abortion should be safe & legal in this country.” ~ Mitt Romney {Video}

Via on Oct 31, 2012

Yes, Mitt said that.

Was he referring to this country? These United States of America? Uh, yes.

He also said other non-Romney-ish things not that long ago like:

“I believe the world is getting warmer…. I believe that humans contribute to that.”

I’m so confused!

What seemed to have been his core values/beliefs (again, not that long ago)—especially pro-choice all the way, baby!—he’s no longer voicing.

Here’s Mitt Romney on video clearly articulating these and other positions that do not reflect the Mitt-of-the-minute.

I can understand a person changing their mind. But these are some controversial topics. Can one just flip a switch on something they spoke so passionately in favor of or against? Was there a sudden wake-up-call/significant life event that altered Mitt’s thinking or was it an evolution? Was he influenced by facts or campaign contributors or a combination of both?

I could understand if these “past” views were from his college years…

Does anyone know the answer(s)? Am I alone in my confusion? Please comment!

P.S. I remain mystified over the absence of climate change discussion in the debates.

P.P.S. In case you’re wondering, I’ve already voted. But I can’t help but remain fixated on the nuances of the election and the candidates themselves (I’m also fascinated by the human psyche).

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7 Responses to ““I believe that abortion should be safe & legal in this country.” ~ Mitt Romney {Video}”

  1. elephantjournal says:


    "This year, the GOP adopted — again — a platform under which no woman could ever legally have an abortion. Not if she was impregnated by her own father. Not if she was raped. Not if the abortion were needed to save her life. Never. Because life is sacred."

  2. NN_Native says:

    Haven't you ever heard of an Etch A Sketch?

  3. Ben Ralston Ben_Ralston says:

    Hi Lynn,
    What I find confusing is why Romney has about half the vote in the polls at the moment! Is the average American so blind to what the rest of the world can see?!
    A friend of mine put it very nicely:
    "It's quite incredible how his values leak out with every choice of word and expression."

    • Hi Ben,
      What is even more confusing is that these people—many of them very nice, mind you, and even well-educated—are on the other side of the polls. But they think we're the blind ones.

      Leaky values. Like that.

      Hope all is well!! xo

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