Jala. A Meditation.

Via on Nov 26, 2012
photo by Ashley Webber-Acra
Photo: Ashley Webber-Acra

Jala. A Meditation.

You are the puddle,
I can see clearly into.
He is the droplet that lays beneath my chest.
As I lean to gaze deeper,
He splashes into you.
But I am not lost,
I am found.
The moon reflects off our curves and ripples,
Cooling. Loving. Creating.
We are the water cupped in the hands of children,
Passing over innocent lips.
Nourishing. Healing. Divine.
Let them be well, live well, love well.
Let them splash into each other,
And into He.


Ed: Lynn H.

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About Dani McGuire

Dani McGuire is a yoga teacher and asana addict who loves love, life, family, food, God and, of course, yoga. “Since I am unable to quiet the mental chatter and control thirst for earthly pleasures I live, write and laugh and my human-ness.” Dani leads yoga workshops and teacher trainings and is the founder of Pranayoga Foundation, a nonprofit teaching yoga to people with cancer and chronic illness. Connect with Dani via her website and Prana Yoga Foundation or view Dani's video.


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