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About yoga 2.0 lab

Matthew Remski is an Ayurvedic practitioner and Yoga Teacher Trainer in Toronto. His latest book, Threads of Yoga, is gathering international acclaim. He's teaching this online course starting 1/7/14. It's currently full, but there is a reduced-tuition option for auditing. The 12 weekly lessons will be available online for six months following the course. Participants receive a 130-page manual of notes.


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  1. Lean Pohl says:

    Actually for a short while it will be chaos. But if you look closer and see the acts of good will and working together and humanity, that is an indication of what will happen.
    For a person who is focused on the good things that will happen during a collapse, this storm only proves that mankind will prevail and we will work together.
    Those who live in fear and hatred of their brothers and sisters and hide behind their selfish stockpile of food and guns and will be the ones who lose in the end.
    Those who choose to create fear will be the first to go down.
    Of that i am confident. Welcome to the beginning of the return of the christ consciousness.’

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