Dancing Like a Mad Elephant: An OMG Urban Dance {video} ~ Lori Ann Lothian

Via on Dec 27, 2012
Urban Dance Camp
Urban Dance Camp

Do you ever have those days, where life pulls the rug out from under you?

And you go WTF and at the same time, I hope there’s a cosmic plan in place here (kind of like an insurance policy with huge post-disaster payouts).

I had a day like that recently.

Yet, in the distress aftermath I spent a few mornings reading The Return of the Mother by Andrew Harvey and then saturating in the gorgeous melody of written truth. The memory of synchrony. The knowing that life is, even in apparent chaos, orchestrating a symphony of perfection.

I love this part, in Harvey’s book, about 19th century mystic teacher Ramakrishna:

He danced, intoxicated with Divine Love. Many times he went into Samadhi. He stood still, his eyes fixed, his face beaming, with one hand on the shoulder of a beloved disciple. Coming down a little, from the state of ecstasy, he danced again like a mad elephant, regaining consciousness of the outer world, he improvised lines to the music.

Yes, I am a chorus girl.

I want to imagine I am the rock star when I am simply, and perhaps beautifully, the dancer moving to the notes life plays for me. The dance of surrender is my only option.

Enjoy this glorious reminder of muse-inspired movement, synchronized and fluid, riotous in its near perfection. Urban Dance Camp artists Keone & Mariel Madrid, moving to Dangerous by Michael Jackson.

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Lori Ann Lothian is a sexy daring writer who challenges assumptions about love, sex and relationships in her columns at Huffington Post and elephant Journal and in feature articles at the Good Men Project, Origin Magazine, Yoganonymous, Better After 50 and more. Former editor of the relationship section of elephant Journal, she is now on the editorial staff at the Good Men Project where she works on new writer development. Follow her on Twitter and Google. Stay informed, sign up for Lori’s mailing list here.


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