With Visions of Pinterest Crafts Dancing in my Head.

Via on Dec 21, 2012


When I received an offer to review Lullaby Paints Chalkboard paint, all of those wonderful Pinterest crafts I’ve been seeing came rushing to mind.

{Note: I received this paint for free, in return for a guarantee that I would review said offering. That said, i say what I want—good and bad, happy and sad.}

Homemade and unique Christmas gifts are my favorite, and I had seen so many cool ideas I wasn’t sure where to start.

Enter: Chalkboard Cookie Jar.

I loved the idea of using Lullaby Paints instead of a more conventional chalkboard paint, so that I wouldn’t be adding tons of VOCs or other nastiness to my kitchen. I love using Tempera paint and other non-toxic or homemade paints, especially on crafts that my kids will be helping with. I thought a cookie jar with a little chalkboard area would be the perfect gift for my mom: you can update the “chalkboard” depending on what kind of cookies are in it!

Step 1: Tape.


Step 2: Paint:


Step 3: Wait


Results? Well…


The bleed through the painter’s tape was significant. The paint coverage was great—and looks super cute with a chalk write-up on it. But it isn’t quite as Pinterest-y as I had hoped. My plan is to take a little red paint and do some freehand designs around the edge.

All in all, I liked the Lullaby Paint, and would buy or use again, but would not use their enclosed painter’s tape.

Next up? Chalkboard Bottomed Wine Glasses for a few friends:

Source: justshortofcrazy.com via Kate on Pinterest


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