Dolphin Asks for Help, Camera Crew Rescue Her. Wow. {Video}

Via on Jan 25, 2013

Beautiful as this is to see,

let’s remember that what we’re watching is a wild dolphin caught up in man-made fishing wire. We can all leave less of a footprint on this earth.

As they say in Thailand:

“Tread softly, and with joy.”

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9 Responses to “Dolphin Asks for Help, Camera Crew Rescue Her. Wow. {Video}”

  1. kmacku says:

    Video has been removed by user!

  2. Thanks for posting this, Ben! Just shared on my myEARTH360 page, elephant green, enlightened society and for animal rights.


  3. cherrin12 says:

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  4. Jan says:

    Hi Ben.. the video has been removed again ..

  5. Aichu says:

    This made me cry!

  6. Kris says:

    I wish I could share this; however, a passage from Genesis popped up…


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