Hope Carries Me. ~ Edith Lazenby

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on Jan 14, 2013
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A window cracks:

I see a crevice, a space where light eeks in, air moves out.

I light a candle. My eyes dance around the flame. Autumn comes.

Trees color my view. The roses are gone. I sit in quiet. I focus on all I have.

I imagine a sea bathing me in blue waves washing all I don’t need out of me,

A cleanse that frees. I open the window wide. I let the day move in.

I stop the moment as I begin to see a peace that has no frame. Understanding rumbles

Under my belly button. My heart grows a wing. I close my eyes and pretend I can sing

Like a bird. Time is a package I don’t need to open. Its gift keeps coming, landing

At my door, piling up in minutes and seconds and hours until I realize there’s always more.

I know winter will be cold this year. I was warned. There are things n life no one can

Tell you because the words wouldn’t help you know. So I take these presents

And let my heart grow another wing. My understanding does not need to fly

Though hope always asks for a ride. What I learn does not always have a name.

It’s what’s inside image and form, like the tide to the sea, it’s movement that carries me.


EdieI am a full time yoga teacher, trained at City Fitness in Washington, DC and Willow Street Yoga Center in Silver Spring, Maryland. I have been writing poetry since I was nine years old. Poetry is my first love and yoga continues to feed my heart. I write because I love it. I teach because I love it. I tell my students all the time: do it because you can. That works for me. I believe in creating opportunity. I believe in helping my self and others. I think faith is the most important gift of life, because when we lose everything else we still have that in our heart. I believe the natural state of being is happiness, or bliss, or Ananda. Life is a celebration. Poetry and yoga help me celebrate. Check out my website and blog here.

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Ed: Kate Bartolotta


About Edie Lazenby

I am someone who loves to share and thrives on being with others. My craft whittles moments into meaning and eases my heart. I learn best by listening. I teach yoga and I write. Life is challenging but simple. My kitties make me happy. Check my blog here.


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