Two Important Words of Advice. {Yoga Challenge}

Via on Jan 2, 2013


Tip of the day:

It’s called a yoga practice, not a yoga perfect.


I’m kind of a yoga mutt. I’ve never found I really wanted to be faithful to any particular style or lineage.

Part of me would love to be an uber-strict, committed Ashtangi. Doesn’t seem to want to happen.

If I go to a class, I usually go for something in the Vinyasa or Vinyasa-esque tribe, but even then…I’m fickle. Sometimes I go to acro-yoga and flying yoga classes (if you’ve never tried partner yoga, you are sooooo missing out!). Sometimes I’ll hit a gentle, restorative class if I’ve been running a lot. I like to try new stuff.

So if I had to sum up the key to keeping my home practice enjoyable, that would be it up above.

It’s good to play. It’s good to approach our yoga practice playfully.

(It’s also good not to break our necks, so please, have a good teacher and accept his or her adjustments. It will go a long way towards keeping the times you practice at home fun and safe.)

Keeping today’s home practice fun? Lots of ABBA:

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  1. slsimms says:

    Sweet! I've never been into music and yoga but perhaps I should start *ponders*

    I'll be doing Day 2 of the practice tonight =0D

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