Best yoga video you’ve seen for a long time.

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on Jan 14, 2013
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meghan currie yoga teacher video

Meghan Currie‘s Yoga Videos: click here for more.

Click here for more, more.

My kind of yoga video is more about the present moment, about the heart, about our yearning to break through from being stuck and claustrophobic and to apologize and connect and be genuine and live and love and caress and…my kind of yoga video is beautiful, less about views and instruction and more about feeling life breathe through us.

That’s what I need: I need more than marketing and PR and social media and less than what most famous yoga teachers offer: I need real, fun, raw. Touch the earth.

Stunningly, Searchingly, Peacefully Beautiful. Watch in HD, it’s way more better:

Filmed at the epic Magnific Rock in Nicaragua. madly in love with this place. MUSIC: LIGHT by Dr Toast


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113 Responses to “Best yoga video you’ve seen for a long time.”

  1. lynntofu says:

    Check out the other Meghan Currie videos on youtube. They are amazing!

  2. wadingbarefoot says:

    That was deeply inspiring, thank you.

  3. Valarie says:

    Thank you. I really enjoyed the video. Very inspiring.

  4. Jess says:

    This is lovely, really lovely except why do the "really great" yoga videos always have a woman wearing hardly anything? I just watched a really beautiful yoga video of one of my teachers and she was fully clothed and it was just as inspiring as this one is. This is a personal preference I guess and not meant to take away from the stunning beauty of this piece and all of Megan's pieces but I guess I get tired of watching half naked people do yoga (and I am quite aware its my choice whether or not to watch). Again, not meant to provoke anyone, just a general wondering.

  5. nannyg says:

    umm, what? Truly sorry that this video unearthed hatred toward women for you. That video IS yoga. It was lovely.

  6. kmacku says:

    It doesn't become yoga when you can do it. Every yogi has things they cannot do. Do those things universally become not-yoga? Because then the sages have lied, because I'll be working on supta kurmasana and the rest of the Primary Series I've not gotten down yet for a solid 10-15 years (if I'm dedicated enough to get it at all). Are you about to tell me that the Primary Series is not yoga?

  7. elephantjournal says:

    Whoah–I didn't get that, Joe. I felt like the above was emotional, beautiful, inspiring, almost spiritual. But, each to his or her own.

  8. Krishna says:

    Yoga is a combination of all eight limbs, asana, yama, niyama, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, leading up to samadhi. Just by watching this video, how can any one say whether she is advanced in yoga? Aesthetically very pleasing, seems like dance.

  9. @Stew_Law says:

    Yoga can never touch the lyrical magic of ballet or dance – not even close. As a movement activity, yoga is just way too structurally limited. Even top-notch hooping is more spectacular. Nothing in yoga calisthenics ever approaches the breath-taking exuberance of these other forms.

    Not that these calisthenics can't be aesthetically pleasing. They can be. The first two minutes here are enjoyable, though hardly innovative. However, the entire presentation is marred by the decision to artificially speed up the action after minute 2. Whatever quiet poetry was lurking in her movements was completely lost in this manic pacing.

    Time for a do-over.

  10. "But I know she, along with all women, get a lot of reward for being able to do these poses in a sensual titillating way. That's what life is about for women–being thin with nice breasts and getting guys to want to f*** you."

    Wow, congratulations! You've finally figured out what life is about for all of us silly women. None of us aspire to being successful or educated anymore. We just want to look hot and have men pay attention to us.

    Seriously? This isn't yoga? Most yoga practices have an elegance or sensuality to them in some way. Meghan is a sweetheart and I always love watching the joy and playfulness she brings to her practice. The rest is your projection.

  11. rethink says:

    what is the message? megans other video "No Pants" whats that about, much the same as the exquinox video with Dice's wife? in her lingerie…. really blurring the edges of yoga elephant journal! Isnt this a blog about yoga, this video should be on vogue or maybe madonna would to snip it into her latest comeback pop hit.

  12. Gerry Ellen says:

    i kept pausing many of the poses b/c I wanted to see if I could incorporate them into my own home practice! So inspiring. Always worth a try. Great music accompanying the video as well. Stellar!!!

  13. elephantjournal says:

    Via Facebook:

    Steven J: Yoga rarely makes an entertaining video, but when it does expect a down dog or two

    Robert Reeve III i need to start doing yoga

    Amanda Ekström Very inspiring! Interesting presentation!

    Pallavi S BEAUTIFUL….

    Marie R That was so beautiful,and inspiring.I teared up a bit.Thanks for sharing

    Belinda Migue makes me want to move! in more ways than one. thanks for sharing aimee – that girl's beautiful like you! cheers.

    Shawn M Flot Whaaat?

    Erin Argon C awe inducing.

    Dana Carter wow…..ow

    Sherri Jalovecky-Dujmovich Whoa! Amazing!!!!

    Bob Frydenlund oh my

    Adam H Excellent demonstration, but when people tell me that they can't do yoga because they're not flexible enough…

    Lisa Cholomitis T stunning

    Mollie Haddigan M Insanely gorgeous!

  14. Well, I thought the video was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! … Excellent job, Meghan!!!

    [CAUTION: I just read the post about writing for Elephant Journal and about letting go of concerns about what people think about what I'm saying. So here goes! … ]

    Reading the Comments, however, brings up a lot of interesting Stuff, some in me but especially for some of the Commenters here. It's too bad people cannot just take things for what they are and enjoy the performance … and if Meghan gets a little self-promotion out of it, NO PROBLEM with ME!

    And as Joel Kramer once said, often times, what YOU say about ME tells me a lot more about YOU than about me. So what some people are saying about Meghan's video probably is more revealing about the person doing the commenting than it is about Meghan. (One aspect of mental yoga would be becoming more aware of and unraveling our own projections, insecurities, dissatisfactions, etc. about what others are doing or saying.)

    On another hand (and this is MY stuff), I've often said that yoga teachers or advanced practitioners, when they are so flexible and demonstrate such deep, seemingly (for some) unattainable postures, a few things come up for me:

    1.) SOME people, such as beginning students, are inspired. Yet many others are intimidated to the point they might not even try, giving up on yoga before they even start. Because …

    2.) Some people are just more naturally flexible, and such postures and movements come easily to them. They often cannot relate to the challenges of less flexible people. For many newer or less flexible students, if they believe "doing yoga" is about how deep into the posture they can get — rather than just a nice by-product — then they'll very often get discouraged, and won't even try. That's why I recommend yoga teachers NOT do too much "demonstration" of really deep or extreme postures unless they REALLY know their students are not intimidated by such performances. That's ALL students in a particular class because you don't want even ONE student blowing out on this because …

    3.) A lot of yoga injuries come from people trying to get into these postures before they are ready. So "inspiring" people (even if unintentionally) to go Too Deep, Too Fast, Too Soon, can be VERY harmful to them. Just telling beginners or highly competitive people to "go easy," or "listen to their body" or "be gentle with yourself," or whatever, is almost meaningless to them. They will subconsciously try to mimic their teachers or classmates physical movements whenever possible. So many of them are literally setting up neuro-musculo-fascial battles in their own bodies, with negative results that might not show up till weeks, months or even YEARS later.

    4.) SO, IF — and yes, it's a big if — if you think of yoga, at least in part, as a way of challenging and dissolving your pscho-physical limitations in life (rather than how deep you can get into the physical movements), then the "yoga" is more about what are/were the bodymind experiences the person demonstrating the postures went through to get where they are? THAT is what is most interesting to ME about watching someone else do yoga. But some people doing these really awesome demonstrations never really had much to challenge, because they were so flexible already. So the next question is …

    4.) Is yoga about what the outer form LOOKS like — as in seeking the alleged Perfect Alignments certain systems are driven by — OR is it about the degree of Attention and Investment of Mental & Emotional Energy (Inner Awareness) invested into the nerves & muscles of the body, as they actually are in that moment, in such a way that the myofascial tensions dissolve enough to allow your body to move that way? … (I personally believe the quest for Perfect Alignment is one of the great tragedies of yoga. But that's another conversation.)

  15. [SORRY, the web-gizmo said I wrote too much, so it asked me to split my comment into two parts, so here is the ending to my first post.]

    For ME and what I'm interested in from doing yoga (and from my training with Joel Kramer), the degree of flexibility, or ability to achieve the so-called Perfect Alignment, is nearly irrelevant to my yoga practice. They are guidelines and by-products, nice when they happen, but having little to do with the actual inner-processes involved in the practice. Yes, doing yoga effectively should, over time, bring one deeper into the postures, and proper alignment should at some point emerge, but if we have that be The Objective, some inner-connection gets lost, and we open ourselves to injuries.

    So for me, if Meghan started with a really stiff and tight body, or with injuries that needed to be overcome, that would produce a different response in me regarding her "Inner Yogic Reality" than if she were just naturally flexible & well coordinated. And I would be more interested in learning more about yoga from someone whom had to really work at that process than someone who was a "natural" with no real challenges to get there.

    HOWEVER, regardless of how Meghan got there, the physical performance itself was Beautifully done — just the way it was — just as if I were watching a ballet or ballroom dancers. I did not need any deeper meaning to appreciate it.

    And yes, I love looking at the female form, so the fewer clothes factor adds to the interest for me. But it is not, by any means, the main focus or necessary to get my attention.

  16. Royaloil says:

    So what you're saying Joe, is that this video turned you on,… And I suppose being turned on made you feel uncomfortable? I used to practice a downward dog pose in my backyard to stretch out my back, it felt great for me and really helped with my back pain. My boyfriend at the time got it in his head that I was inviting the neighbor to come have sex with me which couldn't actually have been further from my mind. This is the same kind of unhealthy projection/delusion you are experiencing. For a woman (or anyone) practicing yoga, it is an internal process, as is meghans practice above, although it may appear to certain people sexy or beautiful or even show off, whatever, if her goal was just to be admired, she would never go to the extended effort of perfecting this form.
    Is it upsetting for you that the female form is naturally beautiful? wow! what a grim way to be in the world. I suggest some nice relaxing grounding joint movements and a slow nurturing massage with some marjoram oil to calm and sooth your agitated senses. Bless

  17. OleManJake says:


  18. Meghan says:

    It's not yoga. She can do advanced postures. Can she sit silently? Advanced postures is not ANY indication of any actual spiritual progress and yoga is preparation for spiritual attainment not an end in and of itself. Enjoy it all you want but let's not confuse exhibitionism with yoga. Yoga is not something done for display. Sorry. Inspiring as it may be. Yoga is all together something else.

  19. Kallie says:

    Okay… so in fear of retribution I say this: 1) The videography was beautiful, 2) the clouds were beautiful, 3) the sand was beautiful and tricky looking , 4) you were beautiful, 5) your suit was beautiful, and 5) loved the beautiful people walking by too! It takes heart and inspiration to make so many beautiful things appear in one short video 😉 Yoga is this and yoga is that and blah blah blah. Seriously, can you really define yoga? Is it, in its essence definable? Take a moment and try to enjoy something amazing and that brings up certain "emotions" without defining, labeling, and the berating it. *jeeze*

  20. Klee says:

    Meghan loves attention. She tries so hard to come up with a video that will get as much attention as the Equinox video with Briohny. Okay Meghan, we've seen you. Now go practice in the privacy of your home and try to let go of that ego of yours. Namaste.

  21. Jessica says:

    she is inspiring!! she is fun! and its hot in Nicaragua where I think she was doing a 200hr – hence the bikini. The no pants is a Vancouver 'thing' – big deal, and no deal. you guys are so trollish. ugh. chill out and enjoy.

  22. Amy says:

    You are a very preachy crowd. I bet the classes you attend, or (dear god) teach are buckets of fun. Go shake it off with some breath of fire! Mean mean mean.

  23. devacat says:

    It's the time-lapse that makes this a travesty. She has a lovely practice. Why not show it in real time, where yoga happens?

  24. Erin says:

    I think all of the above statements are from people who likely aren't having fun period. Yoga can be a quiet mediation, it can also be a moving joyful expression. It individual and by all means, keep it on the straight and narrow. You dont see Meghan (and the like) telling you off about it. I might also state the obvious- I wish I was that confident and comfy in my skin to enjoy my practice in a bathing suit. The time lapse is artistic as well. Take a peek at YouTube- she gets a lot of love and appreciation – two words that are a far cry better than most of what I find in the comments in here. Why is a woman that arouses us a target for such negativity? Does it make you all uncomfortable, or somehow, not feel as beautiful? In any case – be grumpy, hurtful, insulting – it makes your practice far more superior (sarcasm, got that?)

    Rock on Meghan- your videos, flavour of yoga and taste in music are tops! Keep posting – you are a joy to watch.

  25. Kajal says:

    Whoa. What I just watched was a lovely display of asana, on a beach. I am so surprised that it caused a commotion of what is or is not “yoga”. How can one person tell any other person that their asana practice is not “yoga”, because it was practiced on a beach in a bikini? Some people here need to do more “yoga”, whatever that means to them.

  26. Kamala says:

    The video was beautiful regardless of the oh so tired 'is it or is it not yoga' – who really cares. Pretty asanas done in time lapse … meh. Calisthenics, but I don't really care because I loved it.

    But I can understand why people are finding it so necessary to judge whether it is or isn't yoga. So many people here have so many different ways that they define yoga, so I thought I'd bring it back to the source of our modern yoga….

    'Patanjali' as in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – those very terse aphorisms defining yoga and the path to attaining yoga.

    The definition is set in I.2 of the Samadhi Pada "Yogah cittavrtti nirodah" – "Yoga is the suspension of the fluctuations of the mind" – simply put and VERY clear.

    and then in Sadhana Pada II.29 "yama niyama asana pranayama pratyahara dharana dhyana samadhayah astau angani" – restraints, observances, postures, control of the inner breath, sense withdrawal, concentration, meditation, and samadhi are the eight limbs" II.46 "sthira sukham asanam" – "posture must have the two qualities of firmness and ease" II.47 "prayatna saithilya ananta samapattibhyam" – "Posture is then when effort ceases and meditation occurs" II.48 "tatah dvandvah anabhighatah" – "in asana there is no assault from the pairs of opposites" … and so on.

    There are heaps of great books in english elucidating on the Sutras if anyone is actually interested in learning instead of judging.

    Given this, do I believe this video is yoga? …. there is no way for anyone to tell whether Meghan Curry has suspended the fluctuations of her mind. Her postures do appear to be both firm and accomplished with ease. Who knows if she has ceased effort and attained meditation in asana. But hey! She has a rocking bod and makes the series flow like breath through her enviable limbs. The water is soothing. And to be honest, most of the time I was watching the clouds.

    So in conclusion… for all those so quick to anger and use aggressive judgments. what the [email protected] difference does this video make in your life? why do you really care? Perhaps you need to just start with the yamas and niyamas – particularly ahimsa, sauca and santosha… and start working on your own yoga (the cessation of fluctuations of your own mind).

    Om Shanti

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  28. TamaraLee says:

    Well, I think it's a great video.. Really moving. And it makes me sad that people have to project their negative energy onto something so beautiful. For anyone who thinks this isn't yoga – who are you to decide what yoga means for anyone but yourselves? Yoga isn't about judgement and to make such harsh judgements on someone else's practice shows you are obviously really confused about yoga.

  29. Agnieszka says:

    Very beautiful, graceful sequence. To me one of the main purpose of the yoga asana is to release the tension in the body (and ultimately the mind). For those of us who have been practicing for a long time (and consequently become stronger and more flexible) that might mean getting into the advanced postures to achieve that sensation of release. It doesn't always have to mean "I am showing off".

  30. Jenny says:

    Pretty to watch. It's ALL yoga… Just that a part of me is wondering when it became voyeuristic.

  31. Gabriela says:

    My goodness! How beautiful! What an open heart she musht have…

  32. Roemer says:

    First, I would like to say that Meghan is an inspiration. Her videos are works of art. They are entertaining and beautiful, and clearly not intended to be instructional (umm they’re time lapse!). She is doing good for the community by drawing more interest in the practice of yoga, and showing a playful and fun side. PERIOD.

    If you take issue with her clothing, or sexiness or whatever, then you are taking this into the realm of personal. What puts you off about this has nothing to do with Meghan – it has everything to do with you, your judgements and your feelings of inadequacy. Why criticize someone’s ART? It is all too common for people to sit and hurl negativity at someone who is expressing joy. Lets remember to celebrate the joy in others not resent it.

    Thanks Meghan, stay fearless and ignore the critics, they only want you to feel as bad as they do about themselves. We need more people in this world like you!

  33. Judging others is simply a distraction from examining and living up to one's own potential.

  34. Jess says:

    She was in Nicaragua and it is the tropics I was there its swimwear country, the beach lifestyle. She is an amazing teacher and person in real life. A very sweet and authentic spirit she carries. She is very fluid with her practice (as we can all see) and it is even more amazing in person to see how powerful her dedication, practice and teaching is. She is a floating feather yogi and I know she is into yoga to get attention, just the opposite she loves to inspire and man she figured out an amazing way to do it and share it freely with the world. She is a beautiful person inside and out the biggest lesson being a yogi has taught me is to be aware of why you are drawn to judge others. It is not yogic what so ever to rip on people you have never met or even know personally. I think this video has created a mirror for reflection that for sure.

  35. Donna says:

    I did not think quite so much as others when watching this video, just three things, 1) wicked sequencing, 2) amazing yogi and 3) how did her bikini stay on? Have been to a couple of Megan's classes and she's an incredible teacher xxx

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  37. cherrin12 says:

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  39. Corrina says:

    Can’t seem to watch the video, (computer issue) but I don’t think that can be too good for her neck in the still photo that starts the article. Forget the camera, remember alignment! A cue to tuck the ribcage to counter the arch in the back would not go amiss here either, however these misalignments make the pose a bit sexier, though definitely not safer, but that’s just me speaking from the body of a ribcage thruster with a bad neck. Those misalignments will make themselves known loud and clear one day.

  40. Allison says:

    speechless on how beautiful this video is. considering ive seen numerous videos of hers and photographs also, she blows me away every time. such a great practice

  41. metalyogini says:

    You know, at first I was thinking, "oh lord, another girl in a skimpy bikini showing off with yoga", but once I started watching the video I found myself just enjoying the form of all her poses and watching the body as a body, not a hot girl in a bikini. Beautiful poses and fluid movement. Certainly something to aspire to if you have that flexibility!

  42. solfulsoul says:

    I mean it is as all things sensual, one can argue the practicality or spirituality of poetry or music or dance or any art but sexuality is inherent in all acts of creativity and expression; it is human nature, but we differ from animals in class and honor and also debauchery and depravity: to each his own.

  43. Joy says:

    Super creative and fun sequencing. And wow- yeh- her vertebrae are well spaced and super flex. But yeh- it's another video of asana in a bikini. Groovy. Inspiring, and just a video clip. Who cares?

  44. Coco says:

    Meghan is a beautiful human being inside and out. She, like all of us, is so much more than what can be captured in a 5 minute video clip, even one as gorgeous as this. Her asana practice is advanced because she works hard at it.

    If you don't know her, you don't really have any authority to cut down her character (or the other 7 limbs of her yoga practice, for that matter) just because she's wearing a bikini at a beach.

    Come on, internet people, see what it feels like to say something nice about someone! It might even help you feel better about yourself.

  45. Lia Dempsey says:

    I consider myself a feminist and I don’t understand why so many people have to talk about the fact she is wearing a bikini…? It’s not porn for god sake! I literally didn’t even see it as an issue until read these comments. Megan currie is strong, clearly worked extremely hard at yoga and inspires millions to get on their mat and live more harmonious life’s consequently. So there’s some flesh on show we all have it, go to any beach in the world. I believe people just need to be more comfortable with themselves and embrace there bodies and not look at others and judge.

  46. Coco says:

    I know this is the elephant journal and I normally would not be so offensive but Joe that is truly a despicable view of women you have there! Yoga can be described in many different ways, but I believe that it connects the mind with body and allows people to move, breathe deeply and be in the present moment. It allows the soul to truly connect to the vessel its contained in. I think you should try yoga yourself maybe it will help change your ugly viewpoint. And on the point of sex, both men and women behave sexually in society, its natural, normal I think you should probably get over it. Hope you see sense!

  47. Nancy says:

    for all the neg. energy in the above posts, thankfully, there is some balance of pos….she is on a beach, how else should she be dressed? If this were a man on a beach, in a swim suit, not a word would be said :) The asana..just one aspect of yoga. Does she like want attention? I would imagine she all God's creatures do….peace

  48. getitom says:

    This is a lovely video and it's fun to watch, but it does demonstrate the issue of the concentration on the aesthetics of the asanas in yoga. I don't think there is anything wrong with appreciating the way a pose looks, but it seems like more and more that's all people are focusing on. I probably would have never started doing yoga had my impression of it been formed by videos like this–not because this isn't "real yoga" and not because it's not a good video, but because it's really all about the aesthetics of these advanced poses. As a beginner, I think that would have made me feel alienated.

    It's not that I think videos like this shouldn't exist. But it concerns me that I'm seeing so much of this in the media compared to what I'm seeing about the mental and emotional aspects of yoga.

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