Who Doesn’t Love Pigeons?

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Tip of the day:

Sometimes we need to push ourselves. Sometimes we need to give ourselves a break. Sometimes it’s hard to know which time it is!

I woke up feeling a little grumpy after not enough sleep. A big part of me just wanted to do this for today’s practice:


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(Savasana kitty says “Please be quiet!”)

But, I’m teaching my kids to ski tomorrow, so… I thought getting some good hip-opener time was a better idea than some sort of faux yoga nidra (i.e. laying around in my kitten pajamas).

Giving myself that little nudge to get up and get to it was exactly the right choice.

Oh, hip-openers, I love you so! On weeks that I’ve been running frequently, I make sure I include at least one day of a hip focused practice. My favorite asana in this area?


The much maligned Pigeon pose.

I sometimes like to include this asana in post-run stretching, even if I am not doing a complete practice then. If you have SI joint, hip flexor or other lower back issues, please take care and work with a teacher to get proper alignment instruction before incorporating deep hip openers into your practice.

Today’s practice:



Yoga for Runners with Gwen Lawrence on Gaiam TV.

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