A Boy & a Puppy & One of the Sweetest Things You’ve Ever Seen. {Video} ~ Ben Ralston

Via on Feb 2, 2013

If this doesn’t melt your heart…

nothing will.

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About Ben Ralston

Ben Ralston almost joined the army when he was 18. When he was 32 he almost became a Swami. *** Now he is a healer, Reference Point Therapy teacher, and advanced Yoga instructor in the Sivananda tradition . His work as a healer acknowledges trauma as the underlying cause of almost all human problems, and resolves trauma at the causal level: gut-based survival instincts. The intention behind all his work is to empower others. *** Ben splits his time between his busy international practice, training therapists, and writing. As an experienced Yoga and Meditation teacher he also runs retreats, usually on the beautiful Croatian coast. *** Connect with Ben on Facebook. Read more of his writing on his new website with integrated blog! Yes, he's excited about that :)


7 Responses to “A Boy & a Puppy & One of the Sweetest Things You’ve Ever Seen. {Video} ~ Ben Ralston”

  1. Natalie Baginski says:

    what a wonderful way to start my morning, thank you!

  2. Debbie says:

    So very touching! Thanks for sharing this – It's being sent to everyone I know :)

  3. Linda Lewis Linda V. Lewis says:

    Aw…wordlessly beautiful, powerful doggie compassion-affection!

  4. Adrianna says:

    Very nice! My dog does the shoulder tap when he thinks other dogs need to "calm down".. if they're barking, etc. Maybe he wanted the boy to stay put :)

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