We Could All Use a Pep Talk Today: Mindful Musings from the Mini-Commander in Chief.

Via on Feb 22, 2013


“The World needs to stop being so boring.” ~ Kid President

Life is not a game, people—but, if it is, aren’t we all on the very same team? Exactly, aren’t we all on the very same team? Isn’t that what life is all about?

What hugely insightful thoughts, coming from such a very small ‘package.’ It’s just too bad he’s not quite old enough to run for office. Perhaps, Mr. Obama might extend an advisory position? One that is quite mindful in nature.

Enjoy this most wonderful three-minute “pep talk” from the mini-Commander in Chief. He’s really shaking things up around this mindful world.

Proof positive, that even the littlest of hearts have the capacity for creating the greatest of change.

This little guy will completely transform your day—and give this whole world, a reason to dance!

So, go now and create something that will make this world awesome.

P.S. Not cool, Robert Frostnot cool.


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Ed: Kate Bartolotta

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