What the Hell is Going On in My Sex Life?

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Have you ever looked up at the sky and stars and asked, “Will someone please answer a question about my sex life?

  1.  “Will I ever find a deep sexual connection with a soul mate?”
  2. “I married young and didn’t enjoy sex with my spouse. Now that I’m single again, will I ever find a partner to have great sex with?”
  3. “I’m sexually active. Is there a time in my life when I may be especially  vulnerable to catching an STD?”
  4. “I think my lover is cheating on me. Am I just being paranoid or am I right?
  5.  “I’ve been inhibited for so long. Will I ever get a chance to enjoy total sexual freedom?”

You can find the answer by knowing which planet is transiting through your 8th House of Intimate Sex. If you don’t know…read on and I’ll tell you.

This House governs sex, your behavior and attitude towards sex, sexual desires and sexual drive. It’s where you experience intimate sex—that special “gift of sex,” where you give yourself to the other person as your lover and mate. The sexual connection that occurs in the 8th House is very deep, profound and intense and will transform your sexuality forever.

The Secret to Understanding What is Happening

Transits are “astrological” events that affect every area of your life and in this case: your sex life. A lucky transit may bring you a sexual partner that will put a smile on your face like you’ve never had before. Another transit may bring you someone you’ll share the excitement of the wild sex you only see in movies. Yet, another transit may bring a sexual connection that will only disappoint you.

Here’s how your sex life may be affected by each of the 5 transiting planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. (Note: To learn where your personal transits are, see the end of this article.)

    Great Time to Learn, Grow & Enjoy Sex

Would you like a sex life that makes you happy because it’s fun and happens frequently? If so, you’ll love Jupiter in the 8th House. You may find that a love relationship you have at this time brings you greater sexual enjoyment and pleasure than you’ve ever experienced, because you’re sharing sex with your partner in a deeply profound, intimate way.

No matter how sexually experienced you are, Jupiter’s influence brings you the opportunity to enthusiastically learn, teach and grow in your sexual relationship.

Elizabeth married very young, having little sexual experience. Unfortunately, her spouse was inhibited, inexperienced and only interested in his sexual gratification. When he unexpectedly died 10 years later, she eventually met Randy who turned out to be a skillful lover who taught her about sex, opening her up to a world of pleasure she never knew existed. The act of sex between them transformed Elizabeth bringing her the opportunity to finally know the joy of sex.

If you have this Jupiter transit here’s what you may say about your sex life: “I never knew sex could be so much fun!” or “I really enjoy learning about sex with my partner,” or “I never knew I could have an orgasm like that!”

    Be Careful & Sexually Responsible

With this Saturn transit you’ll find yourself getting serious about your sex life, whether you’re having it or not. You’re ready re-evaluate it and make any necessary adjustments so that it satisfies your needs. If you’re in a relationship that’s sexually unsatisfying, now is when you’ll confront the underlying issues that cause it to be so. If you’re dissatisfied because your partner is no longer interested in sex, you may decide that has to change or your relationship will no longer work for you.

Perhaps, you’ve been dating around and in the process experiencing different lovers, but you finally find someone you’re ready to have an exclusive sexual relationship. Often this transit is a catalyst for your decision to make a sexual commitment and be monogamous.

Now is when you must be accountable and responsible for your sex life; so if your sexual behavior is questionable, a crisis may occur that will force you to make a change in your sexual practices. Many an unfaithful spouse has been caught cheating when evidence of their infidelity such as perfumed smelling clothes, an unusual hotel charge or even a revealing text message was discovered. This crisis forces partners to address the underlying problem in their relationship.

If you’re promiscuous, you may find out that your casual tendency to “hook-up” with multiple lovers, results in a call from the clinic saying you’ve contracted an STD. Saturn’s energies demand that you be accountable for your sexual behavior or pay the consequences.

      Sexual Freedom & Adventure

In contrast to the seriousness of a Saturn transit, get ready for an exciting sex life as a Uranus transit brings out your unconventional nature. Are you ready to “get ur freak on?” If you’ve wanted to be crazy like your friend who makes you blush, telling you about the wild places she and her husband make love—this is a period in your life when you could get your wish.

Uranus’ energies remove your inhibitions and give you a sense of freedom to experiment in your sex life. If you’re in a committed partnership, now is when you’ll re-energize sex in your relationship, making it exciting once again. A lover may shock her partner at the door, dressed in a negligée, high heels, nylons and black garters while her partner may come home with an adult video and some unusual sex toys.

There’s nothing holding you back from doing whatever you please! You’re feeling independent, in a unique frame of mind to seek adventure and be sexually liberated in ways you’ve never been before.

Sally’s husband took her to a special party at a big mansion. She couldn’t help but notice all the women dressed in very alluring, sexy outfits. After using the powder room, her first surprise came when she walked by a big bedroom and heard what sounded like moans of passion. When she rejoined her husband for a drink, she smirked, “They sure are a friendly bunch of people.” Her second surprise was when her smiling husband replied, “They should be—this is a swinger’s party! Would you like to know the rules of engagement?”

     Welcome to Fantasy Island

During Neptune’s transit it’s easy to deceive yourself or be deceived by others. If you’re in a committed relationship make sure you have your antennae up, sensitive to any behavior or situations that indicate there’s a problem in your sexual relationship. This is when a partner may be keeping feelings hidden or acting deceptively.

Ultimately, when the truth comes to the surface, one of you says, “I can’t believe you’ve been unfaithful all these years.”

Trust your intuition and communicate about any concerns you have.

Neptune’s influence can be magical, bringing illusion and fantasy to your sex life. Just make sure your romantic relationships are grounded in reality, not a fantasy of what you wished were happening.

An affair may not be what is seems to be. This is when your new love interest confesses that he’s married with two children and not available for anything more than an affair. Or, you go to a party and meet the kind of woman you’ve always dreamed of marrying.

After a night of magical sex together, you awake to find a note on your nightstand saying, “Last night was fun, but I already have a boyfriend. Thanks for a great time.”

Perhaps you’ve enjoyed an amazing romantic-sexual connection with a gorgeous man, and he now admits he’s bisexual, and explains that if you want to continue your relationship, you’ll have to accept his life-style.

Welcome to fantasy island.

      Experience Radical Change & Sexual Transformation

Have you ever yearned for a sexual connection that was so deep and intense that it touched your very soul? You feel a passionate sexual attraction for this person that almost feels compulsive. After making love, you’re able to talk for hours about your deepest thoughts as if you’ve known each other for years. It feels like destiny brought you together. Your sexual desire for each other, borders on obsession.

Welcome to Pluto transiting your 8th House.

This transit can also bring a dramatic change to your sexual relationship. The status quo is no longer acceptable, which means that whatever needs to be fixed in your sexual relationship can’t just be repaired. It will now require something brand new to be in its place. A crisis in your sex life may occur that will require a major change in the nature of how it operates. That crisis may center on such matters as sexual incompatibility, menopause, infidelity, alcohol or drug addiction.

Your sex life can also be transformed in a very positive and profound way during this Pluto transit through a radical change that results in the death of your old sex life. It can be a time when a teen-ager loses her virginity and is re-born as a sexual woman; or a 60 year old man goes from making love to his wife every day to being content with the deep connection that comes from hugging and holding her.

Where Are Your Transits? 

If you want to know where your personal transits are, to see if they are affecting you right now, go to the free Transit Calculator and enter your birth date. Then, read about each transit that’s been discussed to learn more about “What the Hell is Going On in Your Sex Life?”



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8 Responses to “What the Hell is Going On in My Sex Life?”

  1. Natalie Baginski says:

    Woah! I have Venus and Rahu in my eighth house. I have incredibly STRONG desires. I could devour every man I see, but I don't because causal sex is incredibly boring and unfulfilling to me. I'd rather do other things (yoga, study, ride my bike, music, literature…) and wait for someone who can handle the level of intimacy I really want. I feel like I'm the only person in the world without intimacy issues. My only intimacy issue is I can't handle being with a man with intimacy issues. They get scared, as soon as they feel something, thinking that if I show too much affection I must want a house with a yard…but I can't not lavish affection and love on a partner. It just spills out of me. Men melt into me as if they've finally found what they are looking for, then disappear, say, 'I think I have intimacy issues"…then they tell me off and on for a year or two they are still "digesting" our experience. My last partner said I awoke the inner artist in him and now he wants to experiment with all kinds of things he's been afraid of before…he feels free to be more wild…my point is – YES your article resonates with me and I swing between wanting to just stop having sex altogether or giving up my hope for true intimacy and having fun and expecting much much…much less from men. And, right now, I'm in Venus Rahu. Until 2014, NOV when I go into Venus Jupiter. Tell me what to do!!!!!

    • HI Natalie, I'm so happy that my article resonates with you. You sound like an incredibly powerful, spiritual woman capable of an intense "adult" connection with a man (not a boy or someone who has not fully matured). I practice Western Astrology not Vedic — so, I can't answer you from that perspective. But I can say that before you invest your emotional and sexual energy in a relationship make sure you go slowly until you really believe you and your partner have the same intimate values for the long-term. Lastly, find a partner that is joyful because you are a love Goddess. Don't hold back because some can't handle your intense, intimate and sexual ways. If your experiences with unsuccessful relationships are repeating themselves…then it may be time to ask yourself in what way are you responsible for the results. Good luck.

      Warm Regards, Larry Schwimmer

      • Natalie Baginski says:

        ha! well Mr. Inner Artist is a decade younger than me…so, I'm thinking that is how I'm responsible…come to think of it, tons of men much younger than me seem to enter my life (they find me I am NOT looking)…as gorgeous as they are I should set some boundaries and just be their friend. Unless I'm willing to turn myself into some sort of "teacher" for them, which doesn't sound horrible, but what am I getting out of it? Food for thought, thank you Larry.

  2. Maya says:

    Hey! Amazing article, so glad I found it! However, I went to the calculator and it didn't say anything about my 8th house…only other houses. What's the deal? Thanks :)

    • Hi Maya, I'm so happy that you like the article and found it interesting. To answer your question: It's possible that none of the 5 planets are transiting your 8th House at this time. Of course that doesn't mean that nothing is going on in your sex life. It just means that for now the 5 transiting planets are elsewhere. (Check out the other 2 articles in the series: What the Hell…in My Career and What the Hell…in My Relationships — to see if any of the Transits are in those Houses.

      Warm Regards, Larry Schwimmer

  3. Elena says:

    Considering 8th house as a house of sex is a modern invention. In traditional astrology,8th house had never been connected to sex, procreation or pleasure, as it is the house of death, fear, anxiety, and resources of others. This is because in modern astrology the assumptions had been made that 8th house has association with the sign Scorpio, in tradition going back to Ptolemy and through Arabic and Medieval European astrology, houses and signs have no close association, they have different meaning often. 5th house was used for questions related to sex, pleasure, procreation. I think it is unfortunate that so many traditional meanings have been replaced and lost. You may want to consider the traditional resources that are now freely available in English language, as they have been translated from the sources in the last 10 – 15 years.

    • HI Natalie, I'm so happy that my article resonates with you. You sound like an incredibly powerful, spiritual woman capable of an intense "adult" connection with a man (not a boy or someone who has not fully matured). I practice Western Astrology not Vedic — so, I can't answer you from that perspective. But I can say that before you invest your emotional and sexual energy in a relationship make sure you go slowly until you really believe you and your partner have the same intimate values for the long-term. Lastly, find a partner that is joyful because you are a love Goddess. Don't hold back because some can't handle your intense, intimate and sexual ways. If your experiences with unsuccessful relationships are repeating themselves…then it may be time to ask yourself in what way are you responsible for the results. Good luck.

    • Hi Elena,
      Thanks for your comment. If you do a GOOGLE search on the meaning of the 8th House — you'll see many…many…many astrologers who don't agree with you. Based on the astrology teachers I've learned from and in the research I've done, and, the 100s of charts I've analyzed — I'm satisfied that intimate and transformation sex is in the 8th House. The 5th House is "sex for fun and recreation and procreation." Many astrologers believe that the 2nd House is also associated with sex as well. My old astrology teacher believed that the 11th House concerned "group sex." I will do more research because I am always interested in learning and reading about other people's views on how to interpret the chart. I hope you'll keep an open mind, too. Warm Regards, Larry Schwimmer

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