Bending into Pigeon Pose under Moon’s Afterglow. {Poem}

Via on Nov 23, 2013


On this blue sky morning,

moon like a marble boulder

half-exposed in cool river waters,
she glides toward the horizon,
hovering in between the fullness of a redwood and
the stark branches of a zelkova.

Exquisite in morning’s afterglow
from a night spent
lighting the way for us,
pulling back the tide
our delicate underbellies,
the tide rolls in again,

on this late-autumn mid-morning,
when I am
in middle of pigeon pose,
I pause:

breathe in,
breathe out,
breathe in,

holding space for my wandering thoughts,
let them unfold,
as I sink into pigeon,

before I take flight.

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Editor: Cat Beekmans

Photo Credit: Pixoto

About Jes Wright

Jes Wright is an artist who grew up as a wild girl in the Sierra Nevada mountains. She wanted to be a photojournalist traveling the world instead Jes decided to be an ordinary person enjoying the daily epiphanies of living in northern California. She holds an MA in Creative Writing from Goddard College. Jes is available as a Creative-Guide-Soul-Seeker-Facilitator for those searching to deepen their writing experiences. Her art, poetry, and writing may be found at Be You Media, on Facebook and Twitter, but Instagram is her favorite social media site. Support her creative work via here.


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