Girls are More than Princesses! ~ Laura Kutney {Video}

Via on Nov 21, 2013

girls princesses
Changing an outdated Paradigm.

“Girls build a spaceship/Girls code the new app/Girls that grow up knowing/That they can engineer that/Girls, that’s all we really need is girls/To bring us up to speed it’s girls/Our opportunity is girls/Don’t underestimate girls.”

Via The NY Times:

Women are vastly underrepresented as engineers at tech companies, largely because of a supply problem. In 2010, women earned just 18 percent of computer science degrees, down from 37 percent in 1985, according to the National Center for Women and Information Technology. The problem, many analysts say, starts in childhood, when teachers and parents do not encourage girls to pursue engineering.

Never Underestimate Girls!

I think I was born a little different from the start. I hated Barbie Dolls so much that I flushed the heads of all of my sister’s Barbie’s down the toilet. Sayonara! I was not into Disney, as I felt all the mothers were evil, not present or dead—think of Bambi, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, etc. . .

When it came time to go to college, I wanted to major in biology, then I took more chemistry and changed to that, which led to taking more math classes; and thus I ended up with a chemical engineering degree. As an engineer, I took classes with nearly all men. The few girls that were in my classes were pretty tight—I think we just understood each other.

All of this combined has made me quite an advocate for all girls and women who are into the sciences. It is sad that so many girls are taught that they might not be good in these fields.

It’s getting better in many fields of science and I found a video that brings me hope and a smile to my face.



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Laura Kutney  loves to laugh until her face and stomach hurt. If you opened her secret box, you would find books, words, art, photos and a world of feelings. She can ponder a word for a day, or write a story in an hour. She has a photographic memory but is also dyslexic. Yep, the two coexist inside of her like a little universal joke. Originally a chemical engineer, she is now a mother to three teen children and has been married to her true love for 19 years. Life is good and ever-changing. She counts on the second part of that last sentence sometimes hourly. She can be found here as a featured author for elephant journal, on her blog (Mosaic Commons) and on Facebook.


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