Powerful Photos of People Exposing their Innermost Fears & Insecurities. {Adult}

Via on Dec 31, 2013


Many of us have had that dream where we are at school or work, surrounded by people, only to realize that we are completely naked.

I’ve had that dream (or some variation of it) several times throughout my life.

I thought of that dream when I discovered Steve Rosenfield’s What I Be Project. Rosenfield photographs his subjects’ innermost fears, secrets and prejudices faced due to appearance, ethnicity and the rest of the long list we judge each other by.

Rosenfield explains that his work is “all about honesty” and the goal of his photos is to “build security through insecurities”.

He points out, even though our society would like to deny it, all of us are judged on our appearance.

Rosenfield claims, “If we differ from these ‘standards’, we are often judged, ridiculed and sometimes even killed over them.” 

The project, which began in 2010, is on-going and so far includes over 500 images. Rosenfield plans to publish a book in the near future.

See all of the photos from Resenfield’s “What I Be Project” at his website.



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Photos: Steve Rosenfield

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12 Responses to “Powerful Photos of People Exposing their Innermost Fears & Insecurities. {Adult}”

  1. @PinkuTaima says:

    Great idea, I like this a lot.

  2. Jeneen says:

    Amazing. Brave and bold.

  3. Christina says:

    Powerful beyond words

  4. Carl says:

    Shame. I was shamed for feeling fear. Molested by my older cousin. My depressed mother and teachers deemed me a nuisance and essentially insignificant. Taught me that nothing that I could do would ever be good enough responsible for everything wrong. That, my feelings don't matter. I feel invisible. Unworthy.

  5. blake says:

    thats lead singer of rebelution right? He is one awesome dude….So nice

  6. maja says:

    A similar very cool project about women: https://www.facebook.com/WomenRawHonestLovedProje

  7. leeron says:

    Wow. This is powerful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. sharon says:

    THANKS for Sharing, Very Powerful Words

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