Woman’s 3 Hour Orgasm is an Epiphany! {Video}

Via on Jan 10, 2014


Talk about an epiphany!

I recently posted an article about how being at that edge of an epiphany is like waiting for an orgasm to arrive.

You know, that feeling you get when you’re about ready to realize something mind blowing, but it doesn’t happen.

Well, here’s the opposite of that moment…an orgasm that won’t stop.

After an hour into the orgasm, the woman went to the ER. The nurse asked about her level of pain, rating it between 0 and 10.

Of course, she answered 0.

Talk about following your bliss!

Sure our orgasms improve for us women as we grow wiser. But…three hours?

The best part is the elderly woman’s advice to the young guy.


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One Response to “Woman’s 3 Hour Orgasm is an Epiphany! {Video}”

  1. I have heard that it's possible to orgasm right throughout labour so this is certainly an ability the female body has. As she's probably not the last Elephant reader that this is going to happen too, I think it's great that she shared her story and that Jes Wright posted it! If it happens to me, I'll know not to freak out and just enjoy myself.

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